‘Show parking space to buy a new car’ rule coming soon, says Bangalore Transport Minister

Rising congestion on Indian roads is forcing state governments to take drastic steps. After the Delhi government announced that two free parking spaces will be allocated to each home, the Karnataka government has announced that Bengaluru residents may have to show a parking space before buying a new car soon.

‘Show parking space to buy a new car’ rule coming soon, says Bangalore Transport Minister

Karnataka Transport Minister DC Thammanna said that the government is working on such a proposal that will allow customers to buy a new car only after showing a parking space. The step is being taken to reduce the infamous traffic situation in the city. Bengaluru has always been known for its notorious traffic jams. The minister also hinted that diesel cars may face imposition to reduce pollution, but nothing concrete has been decided on the matter.

To tackle the traffic situation and promote public transport, the Karnataka government will soon distribute 19.6 lakhs bus passes among students. This will allow the students to use the buses for free and promote public transport. The free passes are expected to reduce the use of private vehicles by the students and will decongest the roads.

The government has not given a definite timeline to introduce the new law, but the Transport Minister said that the new law will be announced soon. It is not known how the government plans to verify the parking space or if there will be any limitation on the number of cars a person can own, after the proposal is introduced in the state. Currently, the Bengaluru city is one of the most congested metropolitan cities in India that sees hours of traffic jams. The new law may affect the sales of cars in the state too.

A recent report filed by a private agency suggests that the city loses Rs. 38,000 crores due to the long waiting times on the road. With the new system in place, the roads are expected to become a bit less congested.


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