Sidhu Moosewala’s bullet-riddled Mahindra Thar is getting restored for his fans to see [Video]

Everyone in the entire country was shocked when the news of popular Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala’s death broke out. The legendary singer was shot multiple times by assailants when he went out in his Mahindra Thar around his village. Two cars then followed him and after he stopped they started firing at him mercilessly and in the process, he suffered multiple bullet shots on his body and succumbed to death on the spot in Punjab’s Mansa district. His Mahindra Thar was then taken by police authorities for investigations and was finally returned to his family after the completion. The family then recently took the decision to do a preservation restoration of the vehicle and the video of this SUV at the shop was shared online.

The video of Sidhu Moosewala’s Mahindra Thar getting restored has been shared on YouTube by Her Garage on their channel and in the video, the presenter shows a complete walkaround of the car. The presenter showcases all the places where the bullets were fired. She then mentions in this video she will be explaining why his car has come to the place where it is. She reveals that the car has come for restoration at Auto Daddy Customs and then introduces the owner of the shop.

He starts off by stating that the car has come to their shop for complete restoration from inside and out. He adds that they will be doing all the mechanical work as well to make the car perfect in running. They will be coating the car in a protectant and will not be covering the bullet holes. He stated that they will just restore it in way that they can preserve the holes and the car from rusting as it will be sitting at some place in the future for all the fans of the singer to see.

Sidhu Moosewala’s bullet-riddled Mahindra Thar is getting restored for his fans to see [Video]

The presenter of the video then asks the owner of the shop about what has been done to vehicle till now to which he replies that currently they have changed both the side rear windows of the car. He adds that they will be placing two different decals of Sidhu Moosewala on each sides window for his remembrance. He then shows the bullet holes on the doors and states they will be clear coating them so that they do not rust in the future. Another important information that he adds is that they cannot alter any holes in the car because it is case property and they cannot change the evidence of the incident which this particular Mahindra Thar has become.

The presenter then shows the biggest hole in the bonnet and tells that they she has counted each and every bullet hole in the car and the count has come to 32 bullets. She shows the front windshield and the rear windshield and tells that they won’t be changing them. Moving on to the interior she then also shows some more bullet holes on the dashboard, infotainment screen and the seat covers and asks the owner of the shop how are their holes inside. To this he replies that those could have came from Sidhu’s retaliation fire or it could be from the fact that he was shot from both ends. She then opens the bonnet of the car shows the damaged radiator that has been replaced so the car could work again.