Silver Tata Harrier converted to Dark Edition for Rs. 1.3 lakhs [Video]

Tata Motors is doing very well in the Indian market with its range of SUVs. They are also the only manufacturer right now that are doing special edition paint schemes and they are doing it successfully. The Dark Edition that they offer for their vehicles is a hit in our market. Here, we have a Harrier finished in silver colour that will be converted into Dark Edition by BROTOMOTIV which is an automotive body shop.

The video is uploaded on BROTOMOTIV‘s YouTube channel. In the video, the customer wants to repaint its Harrier. It is the first version of the Harrier, in 2020 Tata made some significant changes to the Harrier.

The customer decided that he does not want to remove the chrome parts because it will look good with the rest of the SUV that is finished in deep black with a slight hint of blue. The alloy wheels and the calipers will also get painted.

Silver Tata Harrier converted to Dark Edition for Rs. 1.3 lakhs [Video]

The shop also shows the prices. The total cost of the modification is Rs. 1.29 lakhs. It includes full car painting which costs Rs. 1.10 lakhs, alloy wheels painting for Rs. 12,000, calipers painting for Rs. 2,900 and interior cleaning which will cost Rs. 4,400.

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Before coming to Bromotive, the Harrier was repainted somewhere. It is not clear whether the SUV was repainted at the dealership or a body shop. Because of this, the pillars are not properly repainted, there are paint patches and you can even spot running clearcoat.

Silver Tata Harrier converted to Dark Edition for Rs. 1.3 lakhs [Video]

Then starts the process, all the bidding, claddings, door pads and both bumpers were removed. The shop also removed most of the body panels, sanded them and fixed the undulations. Then the painting process was started. All the body panels, body and alloy wheels were painted in black.

The doors and bonnet were installed back on the SUV. Then the SUV was waxed thoroughly because of which the paint started shining. The customer was very happy with the outcome. He also tells his Harrier was one of the first ones in his city and only the silver colour was available when he was purchasing the SUV.

Tata updated Harrier in 2020

Tata launched the updated Harrier in 2020. First, they bumped up the power output to 170 PS from 140 PS. The torque output stayed the same at 350 Nm. A 6-speed torque converter automatic transmission was also introduced that was sourced from Hyundai.

There were also some features that were added to the Harrier. It now came with a panoramic sunroof, auto-dimming interior rearview mirror, two-tone diamond-cut alloy wheels that measure 17-inches and an electric adjustment for the driver seat. The rearview mirrors were redesigned for better visibility and less noise. Tata now offered Electronic Stability Program was now offered as standard on all variants.

Since then the Harrier has been doing very well in the Indian market. The prices of Harrier starts at Rs. 14.49 lakhs ex-showroom and goes up to Rs. 21.7 lakhs ex-showroom. It competes against MG Hector, Mahindra XUV700, Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos.