Simple and cost effective Jawa 42 modifications [Video]

Jawa motorcycles made their re-entry into the Indian market in 2018 and received pretty good response from the buyers. Jawa (Classic) and Jawa 42 were the models that helped Jawa get back in the game. these models are quite popular among buyers too. Jawa Classic is more of a retro motorcycle with all the chrome and classic touches to it. It resembles a lot with the old Jawas that we used to have. The other bike is Jawa 42, which is the sportier version of the Classic version with less chrome and more of a sportier stance with the same retro looks. Many people around the country have already started modifying their Jawa bikes and we ourselves have featured a few on our website. Here we have one such Jawa 42 with some simple, cost effective modifications.

The video has been uploaded on Trips & Tips Youtube channel. In this video the owner of the motorcycle talks about how he has made some simple additions to his motorcycle to make it more appealing. More or less the bike remains the same with no changes in the shape or paint job. It gets the The motorcycle gets some simple customisations like bar-end mirrors, aftermarket leg guard and a luggage rack at the back which will also act as a back rest for the pillion.

The bar-end mirrors give the bike more of a sportier look, these mirrors can be purchased from Jawa showrooms as an accessory or one can buy aftermarket ones. The Leg guard adds a bit of safety to the rider as it protects both bike and rider in case of a fall. The luggage rack at the back adds to the practicality of the bike as the biker can easily mount his luggage on it and go on long rides and in case if he has a pillion then he can also relax at the back by simply leaning on the backrest.

Simple and cost effective Jawa 42 modifications [Video]

Jawa 42 motorcycle uses a 293cc, four stroke single cylinder engine derived from the Mahindra Mojo. The Liquid cooled, fuel injected motor of Jawa makes 27 Bhp and 28 Nm of peak torque and is mated to a six speed manual gearbox. Jawa also launched a factory custom bobber called Perak which is currently India’s most affordable bobber on sale. The Perak gets a big bore version of the 293cc engine, which now displaces 332 cc. This engine makes 31 Bhp-32 Nm, and will soon be offered on the Jawa Classic and 42 models.