5 simple ways to make your car’s AC hyper effective!

The Indian summers are one of the harshest seasons in India. With May approaching, the summers will peak in the next three months. Well, travelling in the soaring temperatures can be tiring, especially if the airconditioning unit of the vehicle is not working properly. Just a few steps can ensure that the ac in your car is working in the most efficient way.

Park in a shade

Your car is a greenhouse. It traps the heat inside and that is why the cabin becomes extremely hot. Well, you can overcome that by simply looking for parking that is under the shade. While the best place to park your vehicle in the summers is in a basement, it is not always available. A shaded parking spot or even a tree shade works perfectly to keep the temperature inside the cabin cool. But that is not always possible.

Sunshades and blinds

Yes, the tints are banned in India. Well, if you do not find any shade to park your vehicle. Try the sunshades or sun blinders. These are not so expensive solution to keeping the cabin cool when parked directly under the sun. While you just attached the blinds to the side windows, for the huge front and rear windows, you should get the reflectors. Foldable reflectors are available in the market, which can make the front and rear opaque and keep the cabin cool. The lower the amount of light enters the cabin, the cooler it remains.

Crack open the windows

5 simple ways to make your car’s AC hyper effective!

It is one of the oldest tricks in the books. Keeping your car windows open to let the air pass through will regulate the temperature inside the cabin. Cold air from the surrounding will keep replacing the hot air inside. If you have window visors installed in your vehicle, keeping the windows open slightly should not cause any kind of safety risk. Cars without window visors can use the best judgement while keeping the window open.

Roll down the windows first

Hot air gets displaced by cold air and that is the law of nature and that is how wind flows. If you enter your car and keep the windows closed while hoping for the temperature to come down with the use of climate control, you can do it in a much better way. Roll down the windows, let the air circulate in the cabin. This will bring down the ambient temperature inside the cabin by a couple of degrees within a few seconds. Then use the AC to cool down the cabin further. This is a much quicker and efficient method.

Get your AC checked

Most manufacturers oragnise special summer camps to give a free checkup to the AC. If not, get your AC checked and serviced anyway. Since most of us do not use AC during the winter season, dust and other factors causes the cooling to subsidize. Get your AC checked from the service centre to get optimal cooling from it. Even the loss of CFC pressure can reduce the cooling efficiency fo the AC. It can be topped up though.