Singer Binny Sharma ships 40 lakh rupee SUV using online services: Vehicle now untraceable

With the Internet, you will probably find several hundreds service providers with affordable prices. However, they often turn out to be scammers. Here is an incident that happened to a singer from Gujarat – Binny Sharma. He shipped his car from Himachal Pradesh and now his car has become untraceable.


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Sharma says that he lost of Rs 40 lakh worth of SUV, which is likely to be a Renault Koleos. He says that he looked for a vendor through a portal called MoveMyCar and then booked the services to ship his vehicle from Himachal Pradesh.

After they loaded the car in a truck, the packer and movers became untraceable. Sharma claims that they tried to extort more money as well. Despite numerous attempts to contact the seller, Sharma could not get any reply.

He has filed a cybercrime complaint and has updated, “I have filed a cybercrime complaint and a consumer forum grievance against Agarwal Express packers and movers and Move My Car portal. I am also about to file an FIR for theft of my car and extortion, as they are holding my property and making threats to damage my car if I don’t pay more money,”

Singer Binny Sharma ships 40 lakh rupee SUV using online services: Vehicle now untraceable

However, is is highly unlikely that he finds his car now. Aggregator websites like Google, Just Dual and the one that Sharma used – Movemycar do not take any responsibility of the service provided by the listings on their websites. It is customers choice to take such risks. This is why it is always advised to go with the reputed service providers.

H0w to avoid such scams?

With the increasing number of thefts, it is always a good idea to install a secondary anti-theft device in your vehicle. Even modern vehicles equipped with immobilizers can be stolen using sophisticated devices. Steering locks, gear locks, wheel locks, and GPS trackers are highly beneficial in such situations. These devices offer various features, such as alerting the owner about unauthorized ignition.

Some of these devices can even remotely disable the engine, providing an additional layer of security. Owners can also set up a GPS fence, which automatically shuts off the engine if the vehicle crosses a specific point. These devices are available for all types of vehicles, and users usually need to pay a nominal subscription fee to keep the GPS system and Internet connectivity active in the device.

It is also very important to read online reviews and talk to your friends and family to know more about a particular brand or service. Such scammers are almost everywhere and in this age of Internet, one needs to be extremely careful before choosing a service.

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