Skoda festive offers: huge discounts on Laura RS and Yeti

Skoda is offering substantial discounts across its range. And fortunately, most of these are straight cash discounts which ease the burden on your wallets.

Skoda Laura RS discount

skoda laura rs india

Skoda reserved its big discount of about Rs. 3 lakh for its rally-spec-ed RS. As a result, Laura RS now would cost Rs. 13.9 lakh ex-showroom—or around Rs. 15 lakh on road. Laura RS is somewhat of a one-of-a-kind car so its hard to compare with everything. If you want a rally car, now is the good time to buy it.

Yeti too is getting some propping from Skoda with discount of Rs. 1.75 lakh on Yeti Active 4X2 and Rs. 2.00 lakh on Yeti Elegance 4X4. Yeti Active 4X2 costs about Rs. 16.7 lakh on road (Delhi) so the discount will bring it down to attractive Rs. 15 lakh. The effective on-road price for Yeti Elegance is Rs. 20.75 lakh so the discount will bring it down to a still-hefty Rs. 18.75 lakh.

The discounts do not change the value but for if you must buy a Yeti—and it’s a good SUV—then now is a good time.

Skoda Laura vs. Toyota Corolla Altis

Both cars in their diesel avatar have strong reputation for fuel economy. The base Corolla Altis 1.4 D4D J diesel is priced at Rs 12 lakh. The base Laura Ambition 2.0 TDR CR MT costs Rs. 14.64 lakh but with a discount of Rs. 30,000 will cost only Rs. 14.34 lakh. Laura is much better spec-ed than Corolla and comes with more power (110 bhp vs 89 bhp), and more space including a much larger boot.

Still, the price difference is substantial. For someone looking for frugal, diesel sedan with solid build quality, the entry level Corolla is hard to beat.

But if you are looking for a bit more, particularly features such as airbags and parking sensor, you’ll have to pay more in case you want a Toyota—the D4D G costs 13.96 lakh is slightly less spec-ed than base Laura.

In fact, the Laura’s base model pretty much has all you are likely to need and with discount offers great value.

The Rs. 30,000 discount runs across the entire diesel range.

Discount on Skoda Fabia

Skoda is also offering a discount of Rs. 15,000 on Fabia.

Overall, the discounts on Yeti and Laura RS are substantial—others help but do not significantly change the equations.