Skoda Kushaq compact SUV: AC performance test in Indian summer

India is a growing market for car manufacturers and we have been seeing the entry of several new manufacturers and new products in our market. Many of these manufacturers see India as a serious market for their products and they make changes to make it more friendlier for our market. Czech automobile manufacturer Skoda launched their all-new product Kushaq, which is a mid size SUV in the market. Skoda Kushaq is a based on VISION IN concept that was showcased at 2020 Auto Expo and they say that, they have manufactured the SUV for Indian conditions. India is a country were we have extremely hot summers and the AC in a car is a must. Here we have a video where the AC in the Skoda Kushaq is tested on a hot sunny day.

The video has been uploaded by Bunny Punia on his YouTube channel. In this video, Bunny tries to find out how efficient the AC in the all-new Skoda Kushaq SUV actually is. In order to do the test, he had parked the Kushaq SUV in a place where direct sunlight was falling on the car. This would make the cabin of the car quite hot.

He was carrying a thermometer to measure the temperature inside the cabin. He had kept it on the dashboard and after being exposed to too much heat, the device crashed. he then placed the tip on the dashboard and the meter inside the glove box. After leaving it in that position, the meter was showing a reading of 68.7 degree celcius inside the car. He then moved the tip and kept it on the seat of the Kushaq where there was no direct sunlight falling on it. The meter then showed a reading on 51.4 degrees which is again too much especially if you are inside the car.

Skoda Kushaq compact SUV: AC performance test in Indian summer

Bunny then moved to the driver seat and then turned the vehicle ON. Then he sets the AC temperature to the lowest to see how efficient the AC in the Kushaq actually is. The car was in neutral and was not being revved. Kushaq comes with ventilated seats and that was not being used in the video. Within 5 minutes, the reading on the thermometer falls from over 50 degrees to 33.5 degrees. That is quite commendable.

The reading was falling as he kept on talking about the AC on video. He then places the tip of the thermometer inside the AC vent to check how cold the air coming out from the vent actually is. The results were quite surprising. As soon as the sensor goes in, the readings start to drop and it settled down at 9 degree celcius. Bunny then increases the RPM to 1,500 and the temperature falls down till 5.2 degree celcius.

Kushaq’s AC was working pretty fine as it lowered the temperature of the cabin within minutes and it was standing in bright sun the whole time when this test was being done. This test was conducted on 1.0 turbo petrol Kushaq which generates 115 Ps and 178 Nm of peak torque. It is available with a manual and an automatic transmission. The 1.5 turbo petrol engine generates 150 Ps and 250 Nm of peak torque. It is available with a manual and DSG transmission option.

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