Skoda Dealer Gives 16.5 Lakh Rupee Repair Estimate For Kushaq SUV Damaged In Chennai Flood

skoda kushaq flood damage

Every year thousands of cars across India get affected by floods. Last year, Chennai floods caused massive destruction of property, and infrastructure and damaged numerous cars. A Skoda Kushaq owner says that he got an estimate of Rs 16.5 lakh for the repair of his car. Here is what the owner says.

Skoda Dealer Gives 16.5 Lakh Rupee Repair Estimate For Kushaq SUV Damaged In Chennai Flood

The owner shared his experience on T-BHP and said that his Skoda Kushaq was affected in the Chennai floods that happened in December last year. The owner has uploaded a picture of the Kushaq that shows the water level reaching the wheel hub. However, he mentions that the water level rose by a few inches that evening.

The owner then mentions that the Kushaq refused to start and they managed to get it on a tow truck at night. The owner says that he had some difficulties getting the car onto the tow truck but did not mention the exact problems.

The vehicle was expected to be repaired under insurance. But the owner got a quote of Rs 16.5 lakh. The dealership claimed that the car’s gearbox was also affected and it would cost Rs 6.5 lakh to replace the same. The owner says that when he was buying the Skoda Kushaq, which is his second Skoda after the Yeti, he thought it will be a few days of frustration because of the customer service but after getting the repair estimate, the owner now says that he will never buy a Skoda again.

We are not sure what exactly happened to the Kushaq. As the owner says, the vehicle was parked and was not being driven. While the engine could have faced hydrostatic lock, it is highly likely that the water entered the vehicle’s airintake somehow and damaged the engine.

The owner also blamed the poor designing of the Kushaq for the problem that he is facing. He has mentioned that he owns a Mercedes-Benz CLA Class, which was parked inside the house. Even the Mercedes-Benz went though the waterlogging but the owner says that it started without any hiccups. The same happened to the Jeep Compass. Only the Kushaq was affected in the flood and failed to start.

Flooding is a natural disaster, but it can also happen when an area or a structure is not planned well. Good insurance usually covers damages from natural disasters like thunderstorms, floods, and cyclones. So, if your vehicle is parked inside and gets completely damaged during a flood, the insurance will help cover the costs.

When cars are on roads with a lot of water, there’s a common problem. If a driver goes through deep water at a high speed, water can get into the car’s engine and cause it to shut off. Sometimes, people try to start the car again, but that’s not a good idea. Starting the car after water enters the engine can damage it even more.

This problem is called hydrolocking, and it’s best handled by professionals. If your car stops in the middle of the road due to flooding, don’t try to start it. Instead, it’s safer to call for help from a professional who can assess the situation. They might use a crane or a tow truck to move the car safely. It’s important to avoid trying to start the car on your own, as it could make the engine damage worse.