Skoda Laura driven off with traffic cop on bonnet: Driver booked for various offences

The incident happened in Nagpur, where a cop was dragged on the car bonnet by a Skoda Laura. The car is registered in the name of Joseph Mattam. It is being said that the cop tried to stop the driver of Skoda Laura for violating traffic rules.

The video is uploaded on YouTube by Nation Next. In the video, we can see Laura making a left turn and then the head of the traffic cop is visible in the video. Soon, a scooty overtakes Laura and stops ahead of the car. Because of this, the driver of Laura has to apply the brakes and finally, the cop can come down. The rider and the pillion that were on the scooty were also not wearing any helmets.

Skoda Laura driven off with traffic cop on bonnet: Driver booked for various offences

Not the first such incident

This is not the first time that someone has tried to run away and in the process dragged the cop on the bonnet of the vehicle. Earlier, the incident happened in Mumbai where a person dragged a cop on the bonnet of his Hyundai Creta for 1 kilometre.

The incident happened below the Azad Nagar Metro Station, in Andheri West and the police filed an FIR against the driver. Vijaysingh Gurav, a 48-year-old constable was on duty under the metro station. He noticed a car entering from the wrong side of the car and waved his hand to stop him for violating the rules.

The driver increased the speed of the Creta to evade from the spot. The driver waved an ID card at the police constable and then tried to escape. Gurav noticed that the driver is planning to flee and he jumped on the bonnet to stop the driver but the car started accelerating.

For the next 1 kilometre, the constable was on the bonnet of the Hyundai Creta. The driver started driving recklessly and the constable was thrown off the vehicle. Then the constable went to the nearest police station and filed an FIR against the driver.

The police station registered the complaint against the driver under various sections. The case was lodged under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) 353 for assault or criminal force to deter public servants from the discharge of their duty and Section 279 – rash driving. Because it was a public road, there were a lot of people around who recorded the incident on their mobile phones. They uploaded the videos on social media because of which the videos went viral.

Violator cannot run away

In today’s time, everyone has a camera and if someone sees such an incident, then they will make a video recording of it. Then the video itself can be used as proof against the violation. There have been many incidents in which cops have issued a challan and caught the violators based on the online videos that were uploaded on social media.

Moreover, many challans are now sent online. If a person starts fleeing away then he must have done something wrong and he would be fined for it. It is better to accept the mistake and pay the challan instead of running away in which case the challan amount will be higher and injuries can also happen.