Skoda has officially named their upcoming sedan as the Rapid. Production of the Rapid has already begun at Skoda’s Chakkan plant and the launch is slated for the first week of November. Finally, the Czech brand is bringing a proper replacement for its Octavia, a successful sedan, the company discontinued from the market couple of years ago.

The Rapid was expected to take design cues from the Mission L Concept which in turn is loosely based on the Vision D concept. However we now have images of the actual production model which looks more like its inspired from the Skoda Fabia. Here’s a quick launch preview for the Skoda Rapid.

skoda rapid
Photo: Skoda's upcoming Rapid Sedan looks a lot like the Skoda Fabia small car from the front


The Rapid looks a lot like the Skoda Fabia from the front. It uses the same design for the headlamps and the front grille too is like that seen on the Fabia small car.

The profile the concept resembles its Volkswagen cousins (Jetta, Vento) at the front and even the square bracket-like tail lamps resemble those of the Volkswagen Vento and Laura. The pronounced wheel arches and chunky alloy wheels add a muscular flair to the car.

The Rapid will have a structure similar to its Volkswagen cousin, the Vento. With regard to comfort, we can assume that since Vento and the Rapid will have the same underpinnings, leg room, headroom and shoulder room too will be similar. The Vento has good leg room at the rear, plenty of storage and cubby holes including the huge glove box. We expect these aspects in the Skoda sedan as well.

Can the Rapid take on the competition?

Skoda will offer its sedan in both diesel and petrol variants, hence fuel conscious buyers may find the upcoming Skoda diesel more appealing than its key rival, the Honda City petrol.

Fit and finish will be at par with the competition and hence it will be difficult to gauge the winner here. Another rival is the Hyundai Fluidic Verna and if Skoda has to attract potential Verna buyers, it has to equip the sedan with at least as many features as the Verna.


There are little clues about what features the Rapid will have but we expect climate control, Bluetooth connectivity, steering mounted audio controls, rear AC vents, fog lamps, electric mirrors, keyless entry, push-button start, folding rear seats, airbags, ABS and EBD.


We can expect the Rapid to be priced in the range of Rs. 6.5-10.5 lakh. Skoda cars are priced slightly lower than their Volkswagen cousins hence the Rapid too may be priced lower than its Vento equivalents. This will make the Skoda saloon more ‘value for money’ than the Volkswagen Vento.


Skoda has taken a long time to launch a replacement for its successful Octavia sedan. Hence, expect the Czech car maker to make no mistake in providing its upcoming sedan with contemporary features and at a competitive price. The only interesting part will be to see what happens to the sales of Vento, if the market has a more stylish, feature-rich car with the same engines as the Vento at a lower price.

*Prices mentioned are estimates and may vary


  1. Well if it competes rival with extra features and a good diesel motor then it will be a bang for the buck.


  3. The Car is Grace full Looking.But actual design is far Different…then This one…It looks More like Skoda Fabia With an Extended Ass…

  4. hmm..skoda problem is with there service network and the way they charge u….is very bad….moreover, the service guys and there team is also what I say, skoda owners can tell…

  5. its a rocking car……….its a big hit in its segemnt……and verna stands no where in front of this car….aaaaaawwwwwweeeeesssssoooommee.

  6. engine spec is same as vento 1.6 litre petrol and 1.6 litre diesel .. features/prices will likely be revealed couple of days before launch..

  7. @[569257077:2048:Saurav Bhattacharjee] — please Check DS Auto’s Forum…You Will Get it what I am saying…nad Please The Photos also since it’s Written Concept…

  8. @[100002256678625:2048:আহনিক পি.ণ ছৌধুৰি] send me the link

  9. @[569257077:2048:Saurav Bhattacharjee] The original Concept L that will be launch in India

  10. @[100002256678625:2048:আহনিক পি.ণ ছৌধুৰি] so the lauretta nd the concept L…totally diff models??

  11. @[569257077:2048:Saurav Bhattacharjee] — I know..The original Concept L Model Will Be Launch In France next Year I guess…it will Resemble More like original Concept L ….and will be much Costlier…then Indian Concept L Series…

    That’s Why I comment “FABIA WITH AN EXTENDED ASS”…Feel the Difference ,,,If You Can Find…LOL..

  12. @[100002256678625:2048:আহনিক পি.ণ ছৌধুৰি] i second that mate

  13. @[569257077:2048:Saurav Bhattacharjee] — All These European taxi maker’s Think They can Rule with Glossy make over…after Skoda is a Taxi in all over Europe

  14. @[100002256678625:2048:আহনিক পি.ণ ছৌধুৰি] yes i know that

  15. To DWS: as a genuine automotive guide, u should never misguide subscribers by showing wrong pictures. in this case its a concept model, that is not supposed to land in india ever..

  16. Saurav Bhattacharjee u were right my brother…it is seemingly a fabia lookalike… :| SIGH…..let’s see the whole profile now!!

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