Skoda Octavia hits Royal Enfield Himalayan while stunting on college ground [Video]

We have seen several videos and reports about people doing stunts on public roads. It is a dangerous trend and most of the time police has taken action against such riders or drivers for reckless driving. One such incident recently happened in Kerala’s Kozhikode district during the farewell party of higher secondary students of Malabar Christian College. A Car and a bike that belonged to students of the college who were performing stunts inside the campus met with an accident. The video of the accident has now surfaced online.

The video has been uploaded by മാതൃകാഭൂമി on their YouTube channel. In this video, a current generation Hyundai Creta, first generation Hyundai Verna and a mark1 Skoda Octavia can be seen entering the school compound. Students of the Higher Secondary Group can be seen in the video looking at the cars while some of them were inside the car and even sitting inside the bonnet. It looked like the students had organised an unofficial meet with the students which included cars and bike stunts.

Some students can be seen standing out from the panoramic sunroof of Hyundai Creta and couple of students were sitting on the bonnet of the Skoda Octavia. The Skoda Octavia driver takes the car to the ground dangerously close to the group of students watching it. It is clear from the voice of the person shooting the video that the Octavia could have injured some of the spectators. Along with the cars, a KTM Duke and Royal Enfield Himalayan also enters the ground.

All the vehicles were trying to do powerslides on the ground and within no time, the whole ground was filled with dust. The dust soon started affecting the view of the drivers and it should be noted that the cars and bikes were continuing with the rounds on the ground. While Skoda Octavia was taking one such round, the Royal Enfield Himalayan with two people on it came and hit the Skoda Octavia.

Skoda Octavia hits Royal Enfield Himalayan while stunting on college ground [Video]

As there was dust all around, it had affected the visibility of the bike rider and the driver. It looks like both of them did not see each other and rammed into each other. It is clearly visible in the video that the bike riders are not wearing a safety helmet. The rider and pillion were thrown away from the motorcycle and the person sitting on the bonnet of the Skoda Octavia can be seen holding on to the bonnet as well.

According to various media reports, School authorities have mentioned that they will be taking action against the students who were involved in this student. For the time being the school has allowed them to write the examinations. Kerala Motor Vehicle Department has also come across the video and on the basis of the video they have registered a case. The riders who were thrown away from the motorcycle did not get any serious injury. This video is a perfect example why such stunts must be done in a closed environment. Even driving a car with people sitting on the bonnet is simply dangerous as the person sitting on it can loose grip and fall on the road.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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