This is India’s most powerful Skoda Octavia vRS: Modifications worth Rs. 16 lakhs!

The Skoda Octavia vRS is a well-known name in the automotive circle of India. The story of the vRS badge in India started in 2002 when the Czech manufacturer brought in the performance-focused version of the Octavia sedan here for the very first time. It was an immense hit and was followed by the Laura RS, after which there was a big gap till the next vRS-badged model was launched by Skoda here. The Octavia vRS was launched in India on September 1, 2017, at Rs 24.62 lakh (ex-showroom, India). Due to the immense popularity of the car, the car went out of stock pretty quickly than was expected. Now the Octavia vRS is already quite a powerful car but the one in the video below by Turbo Xtreme is claimed to be the most powerful version in India.

This red Octavia vRS is heavily modified with the total cost of work done on it amounting to around Rs. 16 lakhs. The best part, it is available for sale, but let’s get to that later. On the outside, the car is mostly stock apart from those gorgeous wheels. Speaking of which the aftermarket rims are shod on with Michelin PS4 tires. The sides get some black detailing apart from a few more styling bits here and there. The major work done on this car, however, is on the inside. By inside, we don’t mean the interiors but rather the engine and other mechanical components.

First things first, it gets a stage three remap which has resulted in a massive bump in the power. The car now churns out around 425 Bhp of power but all of that does not come only due to the remap but because of the various other modifications done on it. The stock Skoda Octavia vRS s powered by a 2-litre turbocharged petrol engine that outputs 220 Bhp of peak power and 350 Nm of peak torque. The motor drives the front wheels of the car by means of a 6-speed, twin-clutch automatic gearbox. It also gets a stiffer suspension setup and sits lower to make it handle more sharply than the regular Octavia.

This is India’s most powerful Skoda Octavia vRS: Modifications worth Rs. 16 lakhs!

By now you already know that this is not just another ricer but it isn’t a sleeper too due to the obvious vRS badge. Apart from the ECU remap, the car has been fitted with an IP38 turbocharger that gives it a massive boost. A bigger turbo creates the need for a bigger intercooler and therefore this car has been fitted with an aftermarket intercooler from Wagner. The intercooler is specifically used to cool the turbocharger as the latter can get really hot during operation. An R600 air filter along with a full aftermarket exhaust system from Milltek are some of the other performance enhancing mods on the car.

Now since the power output has nearly doubled, it needs larger brakes too which have a greater bite than the stock units. For the same, larger aftermarket brakes rims have been equipped on the car along with ceramic brake pads and aftermarket rotors. The suspension has been further tweaked and now features Bilstein B12 sports dampers. Coming to the part of its being on sale, the car is available for Rs. 36 lakhs in Delhi. It is a 2017 model with a full-service history of the car available on demand. Head to the video description on Youtube if you are interested in buying this hot sedan.