Skoda Rapid Convertible: A closer look at the car built by design school students [Video]

The Czech automaker enjoyed a long and successful run in India with its mid-size sedan, the Rapid, before discontinuing it to make way for the new and sportier Slavia. The Slavia has now continued the momentum and is proving itself as a worthy replacement for the Rapid. However, even after discontinuation, the company couldn’t completely let it go. Recently, at its ‘Safer With Skoda Trackday’ event held at the National Automotive Test Tracks (NATRAX) facility in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Skoda showcased a convertible version of this mid-size sedan called the Rapid Cabriolet.

Power Racer, on their YouTube channel, shared a video walkaround of this unique convertible Skoda Rapid. The video starts with the presenter introducing the car and providing a brief overview. He begins by standing beside the car and mentioning that it was created as a special project. He appreciates the craftsmanship displayed by the company. Moving on, the presenter shows the car’s interior and notes that it is the same as the Rapid that was previously available in the country before discontinuation.

He states that although this car uses the same engine as the one previously available, he mentions that this particular car is equipped with a custom exhaust manifold, resulting in a more aggressive exhaust note. He demonstrates the sound of the exhaust by revving the car manually. Additionally, he mentions that this specific car is a completely built-up (CBU) model and was brought by the company specifically for this event.

Skoda Rapid Convertible: A closer look at the car built by design school students [Video]

Next, he moves to the rear of the car and explains that this particular Skoda Rapid Cabriolet was created by design school students with support from Škoda Auto Volkswagen India Private Limited, the wholly owned Indian subsidiary of the German automotive manufacturing company Volkswagen Group. The aim of this project was to assist upcoming engineering talent in expanding their knowledge by working on a showcase project. The presenter adds that this car will not be available for sale as the modifications made to it do not meet road safety requirements.

Continuing the presentation, he provides a more detailed view of the car and mentions that from the front, it remains largely unchanged, featuring projector headlamps and daytime running lights (DRLs) with blacked-out headlight housing. Another unique detail of this Rapid Cabriolet is the protruding Skoda insignia on the front, which has not been seen in any other Skoda model before. Moving to the lower section of the front bumper, he highlights that the front splitter has been made more aggressive than the stock car and now showcases a yellow pinstripe.

Skoda Rapid Convertible: A closer look at the car built by design school students [Video]

Next, he presents the car from the side and notes that although the alloy wheels are the same as the previous generation Rapid, the brake calipers have been painted yellow. The presenter explains that, in general, yellow-painted calipers denote the use of carbon ceramic brake rotors, but in this case, the car features regular steel brakes that have been painted to enhance the sporty appearance.

Moving on, the presenter once again shows the car from the interior and mentions that the B and C pillars have been removed to give it a cabriolet look. However, he states that although it looks good on the outside, the structural integrity of the car is compromised. He also showcases the interior, mentioning that the B pillar has been covered with fabric to conceal the cuts. Additionally, he displays the front seats, which incorporate the seatbelts. He adds that the rear of the car is similar to the stock version, except for the roof.