Skoda Rapid Facelift in the works

Skoda India is putting together a facelift for its best selling product, the Rapid C-Segment sedan. Notably, Mahindra Engineering Services is working on tjhe design of the Rapid Facelift, which also could be an indicator that the facelifted car will not be similar to the Euro-spec Rapid, that is already on sale internationally.

Euro-Spec Skoda Rapid Sedan Pic
Euro-Spec Skoda Rapid Sedan used as an illustration - India-spec Rapid Facelift expected to feature a different design


The facelifted Rapid for India has been entrusted to Mahindra Engineering Services with particular emphasis on designing and tailoring the new car to suit Indian roads and sensibilities. Therefore, we expect the facelifted India-spec Skoda Rapid sedan to be quite different from the Euro-spec model.

The Skoda Rapid Facelift will come at an interesting time, after the launch of the facelifts of the Polo hatchback and the Vento sedan. Based on the same PQ25 platform that underpins the Polo and the Vento, the facelifted Rapid could potentially gain new turbo petrol motor and a new turbo diesel engines.

As Volkswagen India is also planning diesel automatic variants of the Polo and the Vento for India, a similar variant gameplan may be in store for the facelifted Rapid as well. Expect to car to make it to Indian shores in time for the festive season here, a time when car sales see a considerable uptick.

So, the following bits are what we visualize for the Skoda Rapid Facelift.

  • A design makeover that will make the car look more contemporary.
  • A petrol engine line up that includes the 1.2 liter TSI turbo petrol (103 Bhp-175 Nm) motor and a 7 speed DSG dual clutch gearbox.
  • A 1.4 liter-3 cylinder turbo diesel TDI engine, edging out the 1.6 liter TDI motor.
  • A 6 speed dual clutch DSG dual clutch gearbox offered as an option on the new diesel motor.
  • Reworked interiors with additional features and creature comforts.
  •  A price that continues to undercut the Vento sedan.