The Skoda Rapid was recently caught un-camouflaged, the images reveal that the design of the car is somewhat a blend of the Skoda Fabia’s front, the Skoda Laura’s rear and the Volkswagen Vento’s side profile. All the elements however come together beautifully and give the Rapid an elegant , no non-sense appeal.

CarToq had earlier reported that production of the Rapid had begun at Skoda’s Chakkan plant and the launch is slated for the first week of November. The Rapid will aptly fill the once popular Skoda Octavia’s shoes, which was discontinued some years ago.

skoda rapid front side

Fabia like Front: The Skoda Rapid has an uncanny resemblance to the Skoda Fabia and it is easy to mistake it for the former. How this goes down with prospective buyers is yet to be seen but the overall appearance does seem attractive. It is however a let down that it has not borrowed cues from the Mission L concept as was being expected earlier.

skoda rapid side photo

Vento like Side profile: From the sides the Rapid looks elegant and sleek. It does not try too hard to impress but manages to do that nevertheless. In profile you do tend to see the Volkswagen Vento like styling but the character lines make the resemblance subtle. The alloy wheels are chunky and go well with the overall classy feel of the Rapid. Read our launch preview of the Skoda Rapid here.

skoda rapid rear photo

Laura like rear: The rear of the Rapid has a traditional Skoda layout. The tail lamps are similar to those of the Laura but are more squared out at the corners. The boot is neat and the design minimalistic. Skoda has not doused the car in chrome as has been the recent trend and it is a welcome omission.

It was always known that the Rapid would have a structure similar to that of its Volkswagen cousin, the Vento, which is now evident. The images suggest that the same car will have decent leg room for even tall people. Headroom and shoulder room too should be adequate for normal sized individuals.

Skoda will offer the Rapid with both diesel and petrol motors allowing it to steal quite a bit of market from the Honda City petrol. What it will offer in terms of features and engine specs is yet to be known.

(Photo Courtesy: NDTV, TeamBhp)


  1. It’s almost vento…same engine n design…. skoda should at least change it’s design… people will go for vento not rapid…

  2. Though it is same as the Vento , then also people would run for the diesel version… Why cant they bring something different?

  3. HMMMM…mixed bag…not as bad as I had thought…if the pricing is right skoda might pull a rabbit out of its hat…specially the diesel version…Skoda does have a brand following in India and that combined with good pricing can bring great fortunes skoda’s way….

  4. maja nai aya…….ll nt do ll in market…….frm bth am wth vento…..skoda lost its muscular luks in dis….huh.

  5. Too common design , front like fabia , rear like fiesta , vento engine. doubtfull if it wud be successful. Skoda needs to improve on service network as well.

  6. ya,definately it vl b a gud choice.coz skoda is a brand image compared to volkwagen or honda.but it shud b less maintainance car.

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