Skoda Rapid & Maruti Dzire collision leaves 4 dead

Car crashes are something that we hear a great deal about nowadays. Given how much traffic is there and the lack of people obeying rules, it is easy to see why so many accidents take place. One such accident took place yesterday and here is more on it :

What happened?

Skoda Rapid & Maruti Dzire collision leaves 4 dead

Four people were killed and six people were seriously injured when two vehicles collided. The incident took place near Mubarakpur, on the Farrukhnagar-Jhajjar road, which is roughly 25 kms from Gurgaon. The incident took place around 11pm. The incident involved two sedans, a Skoda Rapid and a Maruti Swift Dzire.

While the cause of the crash is still unknown, the damage caused to both the vehicles is massive. One look at the cars will tell you that there had been huge amounts of energy that has been transferred between the two vehicles. While both cars look badly damaged, the occupants of the Dzire were the ones that perished. While the driver died on the spot, 3 other passengers passed away later. One occupant was seriously injured.

The story is a little different in the Skoda though where all the occupants suffered serious injuries, but no fatality was reported.

But how?

From the image that has come up, it looks like the Rapid took the impact on the side, where as the Dzire was more of a front right hand side impact (somewhat similar to an off-set crash test). While the speed at which the crash occurred isn’t mentioned, it certainly looks like vehicles weren’t traveling​ slowly. The complete driver’s side of the Rapid has taken the whole impact. The main reason for the death of the passengers could be the oblique angle at which the crash occured.

How do you stay safe?

1. First and foremost, always be belted. Irrespective of where you are sitting in the vehicle, make sure you are wearing a seatbelt. It can be the difference between life and death.

2. Don’t speed on highways, especially at night. Not only are out highways unlit, most of them don’t have dividers and have unmarked speed breakers, which could cause issues.

3. Maintain steady pace on the highway. This will help cover longer distances without much fatigue and will also help you stay safe.

4.  Make sure you are extra careful at intersections. Come to a halt if need be. Don’t run through an intersection without knowing what’s coming.

5. Make sure you have clear vision while overtaking. Don’t overtake if you are unsure of the road ahead.

Source : HT