Skoda Superb-rivaling All-new Toyota Camry REVEALED: India launch soon

Toyota has officially launched the eight-generation of the Camry in the Thailand market. The Camry is one of the successful product of the brand in the international markets and has a very good following in India too. The all-new Camry has been spotted testing on the Indian roads multiple times and it has been launched finally.

Skoda Superb-rivaling All-new Toyota Camry REVEALED: India launch soon

The eight generation Camry would be launched in India in the coming times but the launch timeframe has not been revealed yet. It is built around the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), which is codenamed as GA-K in the Camry. With the new platform, the all-new sedan is 35mm longer, 15mm wider and the 25mm lower in height. The vehicle gets roomier interior with 50mm longer wheelbase, which translates into even better rear legroom.

In that Thailand market, the Camry gets 16-inch, 17-inch and 18-inch wheels depending on the variants and there are four different variants available of the vehicle. All the variants come with eight-way powered front seats, leather upholstery, wireless charging, keyless entry and start/stop, dual-zone climate control, rear windshield sunshade and multi-info instrument cluster. The fully-loaded variant gets three-zone climate control, touchscreen air-conditioning unit integrated to the rear armrest, driver and passenger lumbar support adjustment, ventilated front seats, heads-up display and an eight-inch touch-based infotainment system that plays through a 9-speaker system. All the variants also get LED headlamps.

Skoda Superb-rivaling All-new Toyota Camry REVEALED: India launch soon

Toyota has also updated the hybrid system and it is now the Toyota Hybrid System II (THS II) that includes the new E-CVT transmission. The new hybrid system also gets a 6.5 Ah nickel-metal hydride battery located under the rear seat. The new positioning of the battery helps to lower the centre of gravity without eating up the luggage space in the boot. The fuel tank size has also increased and it can now hold up to 60 litres of fuel. The all-new Camry gets a reworked version of the 2.5-litre petrol engine that powers the current generation. It now produces a maximum of 176 Bhp and 221 Nm of peak torque.

All the variants of the Thailand-spec Camry also get seven airbags as standard. the Premium AT version, however, gets nine airbag system. The safety net also includes VSC, traction control, ABS+EBD, Brake Assist, blind spot detection system, rear cross traffic alert, and hill-start assist.

Skoda Superb-rivaling All-new Toyota Camry REVEALED: India launch soon

The all-new Camry would take on the likes of Honda Accord hybrid and Skoda Superb in the Indian market. The Honda Accord is priced very high when compared to the Camry in the current form. However, the Camry is expected to be made in India, just like the current generation, which would give an advantage to Toyota to price it smartly in the market. The Skoda Superb does not offer a hybrid system but it sure offers a long list of equipment and features that make it a good choice in the segment.


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