Sleep deprived, driver parks Innova on railway platform

When a person is sleep deprived or tired, a lot of bizarre accidents can happen. This one has to be one of the weirdest we have come across in a while. A driver, who was trying to find parking at the Andheri railway station,happened to drive on to the platform. Now we know that parking is tough to get at the station, but this is taking things to an all new level!

The How

While maneuvering his way through the chaotic streets, he found a ramp which he thought would lead him to another level of parking. That was however the ramp which was used by disabled and handicapped people to enter the platform. Not knowing this, the driver continued to drive down the ramp only to realize he had made his way inside the station and was now parked on the platform.

The platform in question was Platform no.6. The incident occurred at around 3 pm on  25th November 2016. Upon realizing his mistake, he was directed by fellow onlookers towards the exit.Sleep deprived, driver parks Innova on railway platform

The result

However, before he could exit, he was apprehended by the Andheri Railway Police Force and was then arrested. The driver, Mr Rajesh Yadav, who works for a company called Gammon India has been booked under the following sections, 154 (Endangering safety of persons travelling by railway), 145 (nuisance)and 147 (trespassing into railway territory) of the Railway Act of 1989. Sadly, there was no CCTV footage of the same, however one onlooker happened to take a video of the event. The vehicle was also seized.

The why?

After being arrested, the driver was taken to a hospital for check up where it was known that he was very tired and hence this mistake was made.Hence it is advised that if you are feeling drowsy or tired, you shouldn’t be driving.