Super smart cop expertly BUSTS superbike with modified silencer [Video]

India is one of the countries where the traffic laws are not implemented fully by the cops. The Indian police started the crackdown on loud, aftermarket exhausts throughout India. Royal Enfield motorcycles became the primary target of the cops as most commonly, they are the bikes with such aftermarket exhausts. A video from Chennai shows that the cops have become really smart and can identify aftermarket exhausts easily.

What is happening here?

The video shows a group of bikers on various superbikes on the public road. According to the bikers, the group was heading towards Besant Nagar beach from Mahabalipuram for dinner. While the bikers were waiting at a traffic signal, a cop comes through heavy traffic and tries to take away the keys of a Kawasaki Ninja Z800 in the group. The person who is recording the video from his helmet camera intervenes and says that they are stopping on the side after which the cop lets him go. The group of bikers park their bikes on the side and a few more police officials join them to ask them questions.

The cop asks about the aftermarket exhaust on the Benelli TNT600i to which the group says that it is stock and comes fitted from the factory. The group and the cops keep on arguing for quite sometime before they accept that the Benelli TNT600i has the aftermarket exhaust installed. The cops then issue a fine for the high decibel aftermarket exhaust and let go of the group. It is unusual to see the cops identifying aftermarket exhaust of such high-end bikes.

Most of the superbike owners upgrade their exhaust systems for much better sound and a sporty sound and when questioned by the cops, a simple reasoning saying that these are imported bikes and come with such exhausts suffices to avoid any fine. However, the way Chennai cops caught the Benelli TNT600i rider was commendable and suggests that the common reasoning may not work at all in the near future. The cop initially targets a different bike but later understands that the Benelli gets the aftermarket exhaust. Even after arguing for a good amount of time, the bikers pay fine to leave the spot.

Super smart cop expertly BUSTS superbike with modified silencer [Video]

It should be noted that aftermarket performance exhausts are banned for road use in India because of their extremely loud sound. Such bikes with performance exhausts are allowed on private properties like race tracks. Most aftermarket exhausts are lightweight and increase the power output in some cases but they cross the prescribed decibel level by a good margin. It should be noted that there are aftermarket exhausts that are quieter too.

Such bikes can be seized by the cops. The fine amount is not known but if the bike is seized by the cops, it becomes a difficult and expensive affair. Also, many manufacturers void the warranty of the bikes after the installation of the modified parts in the bike. If you really want to test the new aftermarket exhaust, places like race tracks are ideal and much safer than driving on the roads. Yes, the police officer did try to take away the keys, which is not legal but identifying such things on the roads means that future Indian roads will be free of such nuisance.


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