Smartphone manufacturer Oppo plans to manufacture electric vehicles in India by 2024

Electric vehicles are slowly gaining popularity in India and around the world. New players have started entering the electric vehicle space and it looks like Smartphone manufacturer Oppo is also planning to launch one. According to reports, BBK electronics owned smartphone brand like Oppo, Realme, OnePlus are working on an electric vehicle for India. These brands have already filed trademarks in India for variety of products which include electric vehicles and driverless cars. The electric vehicles from Oppo is expected to be launched in the market by early 2024.

Smartphone manufacturer Oppo plans to manufacture electric vehicles in India by 2024
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The steady rise in popularity of electric vehicles in Indian market is one of the reason why Oppo has decided to launch an EV in India. As of now not much information is available about Oppo’s upcoming EV. The company is expected to tease with details as they make progress with the product development. It is not known whether Oppo or any of the other smart phone manufacturers listed will be setting up an EV manufacturing plant or would they be outsourcing the components and assembling it in-house.

Ola is one of the recent electric vehicle manufacturer who made waves in the market with their electric scooter S1 and S1 Pro. Demand for such electric vehicles, be it car or two-wheelers is currently rising and there is a lot of potential in this segment. That is what exactly Oppo and other new players entering the electric vehicle space are trying to tap. It is not clear whether Oppo will be launching an electric scooter or a car in the market. Our guess is that Oppo might bring an electric two-wheeler in the market as it is quite popular in developing country like ours.

Smartphone manufacturer Oppo plans to manufacture electric vehicles in India by 2024

The electric vehicle segment in India has seen a tremendous growth in the past. manufacturers like Tata, MG and Hyundai have electric cars that helped in popularising electric vehicles in the market. Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Audi also have electric vehicles but, they are more on to the expensive side of the chart.

Tata Nexon EV is currently the most popular electric SUV in the Indian market. Tesla also announced their official entry into the Indian market earlier this year and they even have registered an office in Karnataka. Dealerships are being currently set up in different metro cities and they are expected to be launched in the market next year. Tesla will be offering two products Model 3 which is an entry level sedan and a crossover Model Y in the market.

Smartphone manufacturer Oppo plans to manufacture electric vehicles in India by 2024

Tesla was in talks with the government to reduce the import duty on electric vehicles to make it more approachable or affordable for buyers. Other manufacturers like Hyundai also supported Tesla to lower the duties to popularise electric vehicles. Model 3 and Model Y has been spotted testing on our roads several times. The ground clearance of the Model 3 was too low for Indian road conditions during the testing phase hence Tesla has decided to increase the ground clearance by 25 mm to 165 mm. This should actually solve the problem of scrapping the underbody in Tesla Model 3.

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