Smugglers modify Mahindra Bolero to carry alcohol in roof: Busted! [Video]

Despite the basic appeal and its relatively higher price, the demand for Mahindra Bolero is always on a rise. And there are some solid reasons backing its popularity, one of which is immense practicality. The Bolero has always proved its worth as a versatile and practical vehicle for rugged daily use. However, we all bet that you might not have come across this ‘hidden’ feature of the Mahindra Bolero, which takes its practicality to new heights.

In a recent incident in Bihar, four smugglers got arrested by Bihar police for smuggling bottles of illegal liquor in their Mahindra Bolero. While smuggling liquor across new states in SUVs is not a new thing, what caught everyone’s attention is how these bottles of liquor were being smuggled. The smugglers hid the bottles of liquor in a scooped housing over the tapered roof of their previous-generation Mahindra Bolero, covering the entire roof area with a canopy over it. This canopy is a part of the body frame of the Mahindra Bolero and has a tapered design towards the front.

Modified roof

Let us tell you that this housing over the roof of the Mahindra Bolero is not a factory-fitted feature. Instead, the smugglers modified the roof of their Bolero to make it a canopy covering the entire roof, while seemingly making it appear as a part of the whole vehicle. The smugglers managed to hide 20 cartons of liquor carrying 960 small bottles with 172.8 litres of liquor in this scooped housing over the roof.

When Bihar police got the hint of smugglers carrying illegal liquor in a Mahindra Bolero, they managed to nab them. However, they were unable to find the liquor kept in the Bolero. The Bihar Police somehow inspected the entire vehicle and got the hint of the roof of the vehicle was modified with welding joints. The policemen then opened the welded roof and to their shock, they found the liquor bottles hidden within it. All four smugglers immediately got arrested and police seized all the cartons carrying illegal liquor bottles.

The Mahindra Bolero is one of the most used vehicles by smugglers for carrying illegal liquor across the states. It is preferred much by local people due to its rugged construction, reliable and easy-to-fix mechanicals and easy maintenance. Currently, the Mahindra Bolero is available in three variants, all of which get a 1.5-litre three-cylinder 75 PS diesel engine available solely with a rear-wheel-drive configuration and a 5-speed manual gearbox.

Liquor smuggling in India

Smugglers modify Mahindra Bolero to carry alcohol in roof: Busted! [Video]

Liquor smuggling is quite common in the dry states of India. Gujarat is a dry state and smugglers use vehicles and other means to bring in alcohol from the neighbouring states, like Rajasthan. This looks like a similar case where the cops were tipped off about the movement and the vehicle and they wanted to capture the smugglers red-handed. Catching smugglers with liquor is an easier way to put them behind bars as there is enough proof of the crime.

It is also not known if the operation was carried out by the Rajasthan police or the Gujarat police. Often such operations are jointly conducted by state cops to ensure better coordination and catch such smugglers easily.