Snake gets into the Tata Punch SUV’s underbody: Rescued [Video]

Many parts of the country are still experiencing heavy rainfall, which has adversely affected the lives of both people and animals in these regions. Snakes and other reptiles have begun emerging in search of shelter, and sometimes, they find refuge inside your car, creating a potential problem. Many people fail to notice this, which can be quite dangerous. Numerous videos depict snakes taking shelter inside parked cars and subsequently being rescued. Here, we have one such video showing a snake trapped beneath a Tata Punch, which was later rescued by a snake handler.

The video was uploaded by Daily Vlogs UK06 on their YouTube channel. In the video, we can observe a Tata Punch SUV parked on a ramp with a group of people gathered around it. One person is working underneath the car, attempting to extract something. Initially, it appeared to be a repair job, but it soon became evident that a snake was trapped beneath the car. The video does not provide any details regarding how the snake actually entered the vehicle. Fortunately, the snake was underneath the car and not inside the cabin.

It remains unclear whether the snake had sought shelter beneath the car while attempting to cross the road or if it had found refuge when the car was parked. The individual under the car was, in fact, a snake rescuer or handler, as indicated by the tools seen lying next to the car in the video. Since the snake was beneath the car, the tools could not be effectively used, so he resorted to using his hands to capture it. He managed to grasp the snake’s tail and was seen pulling it out. The snake was either stuck or coiled around some component beneath the car. Nevertheless, he successfully removed the snake using his bare hands.

Snake gets into the Tata Punch SUV’s underbody: Rescued [Video]
Snake pulled out of the car

It is unknown whether the snake retrieved from the car was venomous or not, but it was undeniably a very long one. The rescuer can be heard requesting a sack to safely transport the snake to another location. Instances like this are not unprecedented. Reptiles such as snakes, being cold-blooded animals, venture out in search of warmth to maintain their body temperature when the environment becomes cold. The engine bay area or the underside of a car may offer a dry and warm refuge, making it an attractive hiding place for snakes. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, never attempt to remove the snake on your own, as it can be perilous.

Handling animals in this manner carries inherent risks. You can never be certain whether the snake is venomous or not. It is always advisable to seek professional assistance rather than attempting to handle the snake independently. To avoid such situations, there are several precautions you can take. Firstly, refrain from parking your vehicle near tall bushes, as snakes can use them to gain easy access. It is always prudent to inspect beneath the car and the engine bay before departing, especially if snakes are prevalent in your area. Additionally, ensure you check the car’s interior before embarking on a journey. If you encounter a snake inside the car, try to remain calm. Reduce your speed, pull over to the side of the road, and promptly request assistance.

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