Snake in a Maruti Swift: Watch expert snake handler work it like a BOSS! [Video]

Rats and snakes can easily find their way up in the cars. Because of their small size, these are the most common creatures that can be found in the cars. Here is a video of a snake being rescued from the boot of a previous-generation Maruti Swift.

What is happening here?

The video shows a Maruti Swift parked on the side of the highway and a snake handler trying to figure out the exact location of the reptile. After he picks up the spare tyre, the snake can be spotted curled under it. The handler then uses his hands to pick up the snake and take it out. Reportedly, it was released in a nearby forest.

The owner of the car found out the snake and called for help after which the snake handler reached the spot. It is unknown how the snake reached in the boot of the vehicle. Sometimes, snakes can be found under the engine bonnet as the area stays warm and dark. Being cold-blooded, snakes love warm and dark places.

Snake in a Maruti Swift: Watch expert snake handler work it like a BOSS! [Video]

However, most snakes do not leave the engine compartment. The boot of most of the cars, including the Maruti Swift has no open access. It is quite possible that the snake made its journey from the cabin to the boot. Often snakes enter the cars in search for food. If your car is home to a few rats then the chances of spotting a snake inside the vehicle increases. However, snakes seldom enter the passenger cabin.

While city residents need not worry much about the snakes, it is the rural areas with high bushes that can be dangerous. One should always keep the windows and doors locked while parking the vehicle to prevent such entries. Also, always try to park away from the high grasses. Rats reside in such places and snakes come hunting for rats.

Checking the under the hood is sufficient to know if a snake has made your car a home or hunting ground. They are unlikely to reach the cabin or the boot as seen in the video. If you ever spot a snake inside the vehicle, ensure that you call for help, unless you know the snakes well and know how to handle them safely. While many snakes are not poisonous, they should still be handled only by professionals.


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