Snakes in a Ducati Multistrada: What's happening here [Video]

Snakes in a Ducati Multistrada motorcycle: What’s happening here? [Video]

The Ducati Multistrada Enduro is a multi-purpose adventure tourer motorcycle that is at home both on the road and off the beaten path. However, one Ducati Multistrada rider from Bangalore uses his Italian adventure tourer for a rather different purpose, ferrying venomous snakes, as can be seen in this video uploaded on Youtube by the channel Bulu Biker.

While some may call Mr Sunil crazy for risking his life and transporting poisonous snakes in the panniers of his exotic Ducati Multistrada, what he does saves these predators from wandering into communities from construction sites and causing significant risk to both humans and the reptiles. Mr Sunil, an avid biker who also owns a Yezdi Roadking, Hyosung Comet GT250 and a KTM Duke 390, had to move to a new area in the city of Bangalore, due to the crazy commute from his previous residence to his workplace through Bangalore’s jam-packed streets.

A devotee of Lord Shiva, this biker uses the aluminium panniers of his Ducati Multistrada Enduro to transport the snakes displaced by construction projects near his home to forests at the outskirts of the city. Till date, he has rescued around 90 snakes. However, snake rescuing is not Mr Sunil’s first venture into helping people in the city.  One of his earlier projects was a two-wheeler ambulance made from the ground up using a Duke 390.

Snakes Ducati

However, Mr Sunil says that he had to shift to ‘jeeping’ from biking to ensure he could take his kid around, and his vehicle of choice is a Force Gurkha. However, Mr Sunil’s Force Gurkha is not the Gurkha you and I normally see or purchase, but rather an export quality, military spec SUV which comes with a host of features not usually seen on the regular car. Mr Sunil claims he has made his own modifications to the Gurkha, which he claims is basically a 1198 G Wagen.

His love for Jeeps and the military has also seen this patriotic Bangalorean build a remote control Jeep, which he states was demonstrated to the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and drew a positive response from them for use as a lead vehicle for convoys, thanks to its ability to be controlled remotely.

Via BuluBiker