Explained: How snorkel saves an SUV’s engine during offroading

On the internet, we have seen several off-road and dune bashing videos. At times, it may look easy but, it is actually an adventure sport that requires proper guidance. If not done properly, thing can get bad for the vehicle as well as for the driver soon. The minimum requirement for doing off-road is to have a 4×4 vehicle. Owners of the SUVs who constantly take it off-road make some changes to make it for off-road friendly. On of the most common modification that you would have noticed on an off-road SUV is the snorkel. We know that, it actually helps while making water crossing but, what is its role while dune bashing? Here we have a video that explains the use of snorkel while sand dune bashing.

The video has been uploaded by Anshuman Bishnoi on his youtube channel. He is an experienced off-roader and is a popular name among off-road community. In this video, he shows a bunch of SUVs that are being inspected before hitting the sand dunes. This is actually a practice that is done every time before starting the day. In this video, he explains how installing a snorkel is helpful during dune bashing and also how it protects the engine and turbocharger.

While dune bashing, the chances of getting sand inside your SUV is very high. The sand particles which are there in the air is sucked in from the air intake. The air filter stops those particles from getting inside the engine. The only problem here is that, after a point, there is so much sand inside the airbox that the air filter gets choked. In worst case scenarios, the sand might even penetrate through the air filter and if that happens, the sand will enter the turbocharger and even the engine.

Explained: How snorkel saves an SUV’s engine during offroading

If that happens, then things get bad for the vehicle as it damages the turbo and the engine. Repairing them becomes an expensive affair. By installing a snorkel, the off-roaders try to eliminate that risk by a huge margin. The snorkel actually brings in more clean air to engine than the stock one. The video then shows how they clean the air filter before hitting the dunes.

They take out the air filter and spray compressed air on it. By doing this, they remove all the sand that was sticking to the air filter. The air filter box is also cleaned and he even says that, if snorkel was not installed in the SUV, then the air filter and the box will have been filled with sand everyday.

The group after goes for dune bashing and some of the SUVs even get stuck. A stock Toyota Fortuner 4×4 was winched out and a Ford Endeavour 3.2 was pulled out by a Mahindra Thar. One of the main things that should be kept in mind while going for such activities is to not go alone. Always travel in groups and have tow rope in the car which you might need in case of an emergency.