Cool Wheels Can Make People Gawk At Everyday Cars: Here’s Proof

Alloy wheels, if done right can make your everyday car stand out from the zillions of other cars on the street. We’ve trawled the web for 10 everyday cars of India that command a second glance with a new set of alloy wheels. While some may find these choices too loud, the whole idea behind these alloy wheels is to get people to stop and stare.

Honda Brio on 17 inch alloys

Honda Brio with 17 Inch Alloys 2

[Images courtesy Pete’s on Facebook]

17 inch alloy wheels on a car whose stock rim size is 14 inches is a big deal. This is exactly the story of this Honda Brio, whose tasteful 17 inch alloy wheels fill up the wheel wells very nicely.

Honda Brio with 17 Inch Alloys 1

Honda City Type II with Lime Alloys

Honda City Type II with Lenso Alloys

The Honda City Type II is made of square slabs. In other words, there isn’t much to look at save for straight lines. A quartet of Lime colour Lenso alloy wheels can really make the car stand out. And that’s what has happened to this one here.

Fiat Punto with Gold Coloured Alloys

Fiat Punto with Gold Coloured Alloys

India loves the yellow metal. On cars, gold coloured alloy wheels have some potential. This Fiat Punto’s owner knows that.

Maruti 800 SS80 with White Alloys

Maruti 800 with white coloured alloy wheels

A Maruti 800 SS80 is an attraction by itself, for its boxy Volkswagen Golf MKI inspired looks. While alloys on this sky blue Maruti 800 SS80 make it even more special.

Honda Brio with orange alloy wheels

Honda Brio with Orange Alloy Wheels

Orange is a stand out colour, be it on a hoarding or on a car. This white coloured Honda Brio stands out quite literally with its loud orange alloy wheels.

Maruti Suzuki Zen with orange alloy wheels

Maruti Suzuki Zen with Orange Alloy Wheels

Continuing the orange fest is this Maruti Suzuki Zen, which otherwise is an inconspicuous mass market car in India. With the orange coloured alloy wheels though, it simply screams Look-At-Me.

Maruti Suzuki Swift with blue alloy wheels

Maruti Suzuki with Blue Alloy Wheels

Maruti Suzuki sells over 15,000 Swift hatchbacks every month. This is good for the factory, but not so good for folks seeking exclusivity. So, what do they do? They slip on electric blue alloy wheels in gleaming black Swift hatchbacks.

Red Skoda Octavia with white alloy wheels

Skoda Octavia with white colour alloy wheels

White alloy wheels win big on practically any car, without standing out like say lime green or orange coloured ones. White wheels on this red coloured Skoda Octavia looks just right to make the understated Czech gain a second glance.

Volkswagen Polo with blue alloys

Volkswagen Polo with Blue alloys

This Volkswagen Polo has received the GTI treatment for its exteriors, and remains understated despite this. What changes the equation though are the blue coloured alloy wheels, in the process making the Polo look extra special.

Hyundai i20 with orange alloys

Hyundai i20 with orange wheels


The previous generation Hyundai i20 hardly commanded a second glance, much unlike the current generation version. A set of orange alloy wheels can remedy anything, as proven by this Hyundai i20 here.

[Images courtesy ModifiedRides on Facebook]