Dad gets emotional after son gifts him a brand new Hyundai Creta

Buying a car in India remains a dream to many. Here is a story of one such father who completed his dream of owning a Hyundai Creta after his son gifted it to him. The whole story is on the video blog made by his son.

The video made by Dharmen Purohit shows the whole process of selecting a car for his father. The video starts by showing that Dharmen wants to gift a car to his father who loves vehicles. According to the video, his father adores new cars and spend time to check the new vehicles whenever he spots them. In short, his father always wanted to own a car but could not do it due to the money constraints.

His son finally decided to gift him a car and the father-son duo started the journey by searching for vehicles in their budget. The first shortlisted the Harrier but it was too big for their liking and they chose the Nexon. However, after comparing the Nexon and the Creta, his father decided that he wants to go with the Creta and made that decision.

Dad gets emotional after son gifts him a brand new Hyundai Creta


They booked the vehicle at a Hyundai dealership. The car arrived after a few days at the stockyard where they went to check the vehicle thoroughly. The happiness on the face of his father cannot be written in words. He checked the vehicle from all around and even sat inside the car for some time. The delivery was scheduled to happen next week.

On the day of the delivery, it was raining and the video shows how the family reached the showroom using an auto-rickshaw. They then completed the paperwork before receiving the delivery of the car. The happiness on the faces of the family members was clearly visible in the video. The father then drove the vehicle to a temple and got the priest to bless the car. He even went to show the car to a friend and was driving the vehicle himself.

Car gifts

Now we all know that everyone likes car gifts. While the trend of gifting cars is rare in middle-class families, celebrities keep doing it all the time. Amitabh Bachchan received the Rolls Royce Ghost as a gift while Priyanka Chopra received the Mercedes-Maybach S650 as a gift. Salman Khan, the popular actor keeps on gifting vehicles to his co-stars including Katrina Kaif. He also gifted a few vehicles to his parents.

In India, owning a car remains a big deal for many families across the country. With the rising buying power, there are many who realise the dream of owning a car but a large portion of the population does not have the access to the resources to own a car. We do hope that more people fulfil the dream of owning a car sooner or later. If you have any such experiences, please do share them in the comments section below.