Son gifted Bentley by builder-father fires in the air to celebrate: Arrested [Video]

Buying a new car is an overjoying moment for all, no matter if you are buying a small entry-level car or a big luxury car. Most people feel enthusiastic while buying a new car, and express their emotions in their ways. However, a person from Mohali took this expression of joy to a disturbing level, when he fired gunshots up in the air while taking delivery of his new car, as an expression of his happiness.

The said incident has been reported from Mohali, where a person named Shubham Rajput fired gunshots in the open air outside a car showroom in the city. Rajput executed this weird act of expressing his emotions, while he was taking the delivery of a used Bentley Continental GT outside a used car dealer in Mohali. The video of Shubham Rajput firing gunshots in the air out in the open has gone viral on social media, in which he is seen firing several rounds of bullets while standing near his newly-purchased Bentley.

The car is bought from Big Boyz Toyz, which is one of the leading luxury used car dealerships in India. According to the reports, the parents of the youngster gifted him the car. He fired the shots while taking the delivery of the vehicle. We can see that there are many who are standing around the vehicle.

FIR registered

Son gifted Bentley by builder-father fires in the air to celebrate: Arrested [Video]

After the video went viral, Mohali Police came into action and registered an FIR against Shubham Rajput, who also happens to be the son of a renowned builder from Kharar town in the Mohali district in Punjab. Rajput has been charged under Section 336 of the Indian Penal Code and arms act, for illegal possession of a weapon and using it out in the open. Mohali Police has already started its investigation into the matter and is trying to fetch more details on how Shubham acquired the weapon and was using it without a valid license.

While this incident of firing gunshots in the joy of buying a new car by someone might seem hilariously weird, it is also a dangerous crime to commit at the same time. Using an unauthorized and non-licensed weapon is a heinous crime and a punishable offence under the arms act.

The incidents of firing gunshots in the open have become common in the North Indian states, where they this act as an attempt to showing-off and garner attention on social media platforms. Previously, we have seen some attempts where the youngsters are seen driving the cars and firing guns up in the air at the same time. While it might seem like a badass act to some, it’s comical and seriously dangerous for the nearby people.

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