Son gifts dad a 1,800cc Suzuki Intruder superbike : Happiness all around [Video]

There are a lot of young chaps who ride around on powerful motorcycles in India and most of them receive the enthusiasm from their father. Well, it is always great to give back to the father who often gives the first motorcycle riding lesson to their kids. Here is a video of a son gifting a cruiser bike to his father and surprising him!

The video is by ASHWIN SINGH TAKIAR who has uploaded it on his YouTube channel. Since Suzuki has discontinued the Intruder M1800R in India, this is a used bike. The last recorded price of the Suzuki Intruder M1800R was around Rs 16 lakhs, which made the on-road price close to Rs 18 lakhs. However, this video does not give details about the bike and how much did it cost in the used vehicle market.

Nonetheless, the video shows that the son goes to the used bike showroom. The purchasing details are not on the video but a used Suzuki M1800R Intruder can cost up to Rs 10 lakhs depending on its condition and the bike gifted in the video looks like in a great condition.

Son gifts dad a 1,800cc Suzuki Intruder superbike : Happiness all around [Video]

The video then shows that the chaps in the video cover down the Intruder in the garage with a bedsheet and call the father. After uncovering the bike and getting to know it is the Intruder, the father can be seen pretty excited in the video. He also takes the bike for a test ride around his home.

The Suzuki Intruder M1800R is the inspiration behind the Suzuki Intruder 155 in the Indian market. The cruiser bike, M1800R was one of the favourite bikes in the Indian market and competed with the Harley-Davidson and Indian motorcycles. The bike gets powered by a massive 1,783cc, V-Twin engine that generates an earth-moving amount of torque. The engine generates a maximum power of 127 Bhp and a peak torque of 160 Nm. Since it is a V-Twin engine, it generates a magnanimous amount of low-end torque, which can be overwhelming for many new riders. It should be noted that the engine of the Intruder is electronically restricted so that the transmission does not break.

The Intruder M1800R looks massive and gets a 240mm cross-section tyre at the rear. It was one of the widest tyres available on a bike in India. The bike seen in the video gets a matte grey finish. It seems like an aftermarket paint job since the bike was not available with such a paint scheme when it was sold in the market. We do hope that the father enjoys his ride with the new gift. The video mentions that M1800R is the favourite bike of his father, which is why they decided to gift it to him.