Son in the United Kingdom gifts Tata Harrier Automatic SUV to dad in Punjab [Video]

Gifting a car to anyone is considered a big deal around the world. In India, gifting a vehicle is a big event, especially if the children do it for their parents. In the past, we have seen many instances where kids have gifted cars and bikes to their parents and it sure is a happy feeling all around. Here is one more such incident where a son gifted a brand-new Tata Harrier to his parents from the UK.

The video has been uploaded by Car Quest who has done all the paperwork and planned the surprise for the parents. The video shows a brand-new Tata Harrier Black Edition with temporary number plates. The video shows how he drives to the home of the parents to surprise them and gift the vehicle to them.

This is the Tata Harrier Black Edition and it is the top-end XZA variant. It comes with a long list of features and it is the automatic variant of the Harrier, which makes it suitable for the old parents to drive. While handing over the Harrier to the parents, it can be seen how happy they are in the video and they even call the son from the phone after the delivery happens.

Nonetheless, the Tata Harrier was updated earlier this year and it gets quite a few updates. The biggest update of all is the more powerful engine available with the car. The Harrier now comes powered by a 2.0-litre diesel engine that generates a maximum power of 170 PS and peak torque of 350 Nm. Tata has also added a brand-new 6-speed automatic transmission, which is quite smooth and uses the power very well.

Son in the United Kingdom gifts Tata Harrier Automatic SUV to dad in Punjab [Video]

The Black Edition of the Tata Harrier comes with the Atlas Black colour. It does not get any chrome parts and it looks extremely good. The car comes with a gloss-black grille with the LED DRLs that work as indicators too. The Black Edition gets 17-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels that look extremely good on the car. Even the alloys are painted in all black, which further makes the car look extremely brutish.

It gets a long list of features too. The Dark Edition comes with a 7-speaker system from JBL. The seats are faux leather and make the car look very premium. The Dark Edition also gets a touchscreen infotainment system and digital-analogue instrument cluster. There are six airbags, cruise control and many other such features too.

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