Son restores Chevrolet Tavera to perfection as per Dad’s last wish [Video]

Chevrolet Tavera Full Restoration

The Chevrolet Tavera was the most popular model in India for American automotive giant Chevy. This MPV had a huge following, and Chevrolet sold a ton of units in the country. However, the company decided to exit the Indian market after being unable to introduce any new models that could match Tavera’s popularity. Despite this, there are still a significant number of Taveras on the road due to the vehicle’s reliability and durability. Recently, one such Tavera was restored to perfection for an emotional reason.

The video of the restoration of this white Chevrolet Tavera was shared by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. The video starts with the presenter, who is also the owner of the shop, mentioning that the car has come to their Pune workshop for restoration. He stated that despite the vehicle requiring extensive work, they took on the job because of the sentimental value behind the restoration. He adds that they will be replacing many damaged parts and working on the car’s interior.

The Tavera is then seen arriving at Autorounders’ Pune workshop, where the technicians start disassembling the vehicle. They remove the front safety guard, bumper, and headlights, as well as the roof rack, rear bumper, and taillights. After the disassembly, the expert technicians start working on the dents and dings on the various body parts. They begin with the process of dent removal and then move on to sanding. They completely strip off the car’s original paint and spray a thick layer of primer on the entire body. The car is then painted in the original factory white color.

Son restores Chevrolet Tavera to perfection as per Dad’s last wish [Video]

After the painting process, the car is reassembled, and the presenter summarizes the job. He mentions that they generally avoid working on old vehicles like the Tavera because they take too much time. He states that in the time it takes to finish one Tavera, they could finish three other vehicles, and they cannot charge the client three times the money for labor. Hence, they usually avoid taking on such jobs. However, they took on this particular job because the client mentioned that restoring the car was his father’s last wish. After hearing this, they agreed to do the job and made the car look brand new and better than ever.

The presenter then mentions that they painted the entire exterior of the car in Pune. After completing the paint job, the client requested a few additional features, such as power steering and double AC. This required them to bring the car from Pune’s workshop to Mumbai’s workshop. The presenter adds that they fulfilled all the client’s requirements and delivered the car to him. Towards the end of the video, the client gets emotional and mentions that his father bought the car when he was in third grade, and at that moment, he feels like he has become a child again.