Son Restores Late Dad’s 45 Year-Old Royal Enfield Bullet That Was Nearly Abandoned [Video]

Restored Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield motorcycles are often seen as an emotion by many riders. One of the oldest motorcycle brands in the world, it has fan followings all around the world. While we hear stories about people buying new bikes and scooters after selling their old ones, here we have a story from Kerala where a son restored his late dad’s 45-year-old Royal Enfield Bullet that was nearly abandoned for years.


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The story of this Royal Enfield Bullet has been shared by the Being Royal Instagram page. The motorcycle was bought by its owner, Mr. N.S. Joshy, in 1979. It was the first motorcycle bought by Mr. Joshy and also happened to be the first Royal Enfield Bullet in his area.

This was, in fact, the only Bullet 350 motorcycle in Ernakulam’s North Paravur at that time. Mr. Joshy bought the Bullet 350 for Rs. 11,399. The owner even had the original invoice for the motorcycle with him, framed at his place.

As Joshy was the only person to own a Bullet in his area, people started calling him Enfield Joshy. He used the motorcycle all his life. In a video that has now surfaced online, we can see Mr. Joshy along with both his sons sitting on the bike. In 1990, Joshy got the motorcycle restored. Unfortunately, in 2006, Mr. Joshy passed away.

Son Restores Late Dad’s 45 Year-Old Royal Enfield Bullet That Was Nearly Abandoned [Video]
Restored Royal Enfield

After Joshy’s demise, his sons Kelvin and Kevin Joshy were not using the motorcycle, and it was left abandoned for years. The motorcycle started collecting dust and rust.

As we know, there are several collectors for such classic and vintage motorcycles in India and abroad. Many of them approached the family, but the family was not planning to sell the motorcycle to any of them.

The reason behind this is that they had other plans for the motorcycle. Eventually, when Kevin (Joshy’s younger son) grew up, he decided to get the motorcycle restored by an experienced mechanic.

The motorcycle, as seen in the images, was not in its best condition. The motorcycle was brought back to its former glory. As per the post, the motorcycle was back on the road after 26 years, which means it was last used in 1998. The motorcycle was lying in the garage since then.

The spoke wheels, all-black paint job with golden pinstriping, halogen headlamps were all restored to its factory condition. The registration number, KRF 4969, can be seen on the front mudguard of this motorcycle.

While we have seen several examples of modified Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles from different parts of the country, this one brings a smile to your face mainly because of the story associated with it.

It is more than just a restored motorcycle. For Kevin and Kelvin, it is their childhood and their father’s dream motorcycle. The video proves that the greatest satisfaction lies in keeping old things of your parents before your eyes. Finding a well-maintained Royal Enfield Bullet is quite difficult, and that too in factory condition. Many of them have made modifications to make it more suitable for daily use. Even if you find one, you may have to pay a premium to make it yours.