Mumbai police calls Dulquer Salman a ‘Weirdo’: Sonam Kapoor comes to his rescue

Mumbai police is well known for their witty tweets. They often took a dig at people who flout traffic rules at their recent prey was actor Dulquer Salmaan. The Mumbai Police tweeted tagging him for indulging in unsafe driving. This happened after actress Sonam Kapoor shared a video that showed Dulquer using his phone while driving. However, this time it was Mumbai Police who got played.

After Mumbai  Police’s tweet, Sonam countered them in another tweet and said that the car which Salman seemed to be driving was actually being towed by a truck. She tweeted “We weren’t driving we were rigged on a truck.. but I’m glad you guys are concerned.. I hope and I know you show the same interest in regular folk as well! Thanks for taking care! #Reelvsreal @dulQuer.”

To which the Mumbai Police deleted the video. However, they replied, “We agree with you @sonamakapoor ! Quite a ‘weirdo’ to try such stunts while driving and putting the lives of fellow drivers at risk too! We don’t quite approve of these even in ‘reel’ life. #NotDone.” another Tweet by them read, ”For us, No Mumbaikar is ‘regular’ they are all ‘special’! And we are equally concerned about them all. Glad to know your safety wasn’t ‘rigged’. @sonamakapoor.”

Salmaan later on joined the tweets and described his side of the story via another tweet, “Would appreciate it if you had checked some facts before tweeting this. In fact @MumbaiPolice helped us with permissions and traffic management during the shoot and were present the whole time. In my next tweet attaching the video I was shooting. #notawierdo.” The actor was behind the wheels of an Audi S5 which is a performance oriented sedan by the German manufacturer.

Dulquer Salmaan later on added, “@MumbaiPolice The car was rigged to a low loader truck which was also the camera rig. I couldn’t steer or drive the car even if I wanted to. Also this particular car cannot steer itself.” The young actor also shared a video which he had recorded during the time when he was being towed in hiscar to justify his side of the story.

While It is really good to see that the actor was not involved in any traffic violation, Mumbai Police’s social cell also needs a mention for being active and not sparing any one, be it a commoner or a celebrity.

Mumbai police calls Dulquer Salman a ‘Weirdo’: Sonam Kapoor comes to his rescue

Talking of the car involved in all this scene, it was an Audi S5 as already mentioned. The car comes with a 3 liter, V6 turbocharged TFSI engine that produces 349 Bhp of max power along with peak torque of 500 Nm. It’s an all-wheel drive car and features an 8 speed automatic gearbox that can also be operated through paddle shifters. The Audi S5 retails for Rs. 72.41 ex-showroom, Delhi.

Dulquer Salman, an actor from Kerala, is known for his love for cars and motorcycles. Son of legendary actor Mammootty, Dulquer Salman and his dad own a range of exotic cars and motorcycles. Almost all the vehicles owned by this duo feature registration plates with the number 369.