Specially abled mum rides Honda Activa for 1,400 Kms to bring back son stuck in lockdown [Video]

The lockdown across India that started on 24th March 2020 caused a lot of trouble to many people who were away from their homes. The announcement of the lockdown happened late at night and people got only a few hours to scramble before the public transportation system was completely shut off. The government has increased the lockdown for the second time across the country, which is currently applicable till 17th May 2020. Many parents across the country have made desperate efforts to bring their children back home. Here is one such effort made by a disabled mother in Pune, who rode for 1,400 km to bring back her son.

Sonu Khandare, a 37-year old mother rode the specially made Honda Activa scooter with balancing wheels on both sides. The lady took the decision after the lockdown in India was extended for the second time earlier this month.

The disabled lady says that she got worried after the lockdown was extended for the second time. Her son Prateek was at a relative’s place in Amravati district and was not keeping well. Sonu asked for help from the neighbours and also asked her relatives to help Prateek to get back home. However, no one helped them. This is when Sonu decided to take things in her control. He requested the cops for a curfew pass and it was granted to her for three days. Since she could not arrange for a vehicle in a short time, she decided to take her modified scooter to bring back her son. She also says that hiring a car would have cost more than Rs 8,000, which is why she preferred taking the scooter.

Specially abled mum rides Honda Activa for 1,400 Kms to bring back son stuck in lockdown [Video]

For the way, she packed food and water and left without thinking twice. Sharing her experience, she says that she was stopped at every police check post and was questioned. Also, the Activa ran out of fuel and she was also stranded when one of the tyres punctured on the way. She slept on the sidewalk at a petrol pump to take rest. Sonu spotted the CCTV cameras and decided that it will be a safe spot to spend the night. She reached her relative’s place on April 25th and did not spend much time there. Since her travel pass was about to expire, she decided to make a return journey with her kid. She says that she managed to return to her home one hour before her pass expired.

They both then went to a nearby hospital to take direction from the doctors since she had travelled so much. The doctors prescribed both of them to do home quarantine for 14 days and take adequate rest. Sonu is an accountant by profession.

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