Speeding Audi Q7 luxury SUV hits autorickshaw leaving 3 IT professionals dead

A speeding Audi Q7, belonging to Dr. Manish Rawat, hit an auto at high-speed killing four people in Ghaziabad, near Delhi. The alleged driver was out on bail by evening on the same day he was arrested. Now, UP’s CM, Yogi Adityanath has intervened in the matter after the victims’ family alleged conspiracy. Here is what happened exactly.

What happened that night?


A speeding Audi Q7 rammed head-on into an autorickshaw in Ghaziabad late at night. The road is a fairly straight stretch and mostly stays empty during late hours of the day. The Audi was said to be doing over 100 km/h on a road that has a limit of 40 km/h. The occupants of the Q7 abandoned the vehicle and left the scenario after the accident.

The autorickshaw took the hit from the front and was crumpled badly. The accident happened on a narrow road that runs parallel to the Hindon river canal. The autorickshaw had three passengers and all four of them including the driver were found dead.

The dead passengers were identified as Yajuvendra Sigh Sengar aged 40, his cousin Vishal Singh aged 25 and their family friend Rinku Yadav, 38, who worked as a techie with HCL, Noida. The brothers were from Kanpur and had come to the city with Vishal, who was to appear for an interview.


Why are victims’ family getting UP CM Yogi Adityanath to intervene?

The families of the victims are alleging shoddy work done by the police on the case and have taken the case to Uttar Pradesh’s Cheif Minister, Yogi Adityanath. The accident took place on 27th January. The Q7 is owned by Dr Manish Rawat had said that he was not driving the vehicle and did not help the cops with the case. Dr Rawat turned up after a week of the accident and said that the vehicle was driven by his driver, ‘Ishaq Ahmad’. Police arrested Ishaq after he surrendered and later was granted bail.


In a turn of events, Ishaq Ahmad turned out to be an imposter who had used documents of his former roommate, a truck driver from Bareilly. The imposter’s real name was Syed Qadri who fled to Maharashtra after getting to know that four people were killed in the accident. Qadri was later captured in Maharashtra in connection with chain snatching and robberies.


Qadri claims that a few people had turned up and offered him Rs. 7,000 to appear in court for a hearing on an insurance claim. Family members of Qadri and the truck driver Ishaq Ahmed claim that a few people had approached both of them to convince them to take on the blame, by accepting that they were driving the vehicle.

The case has now been handed over to crime branch after an initial probe by Indirapuram police. The cops have stated that Qadri’s mobile has been location has been traced in Bareilly during the incident and his wife has also claimed that people have offered him money to appear in court.

Source and pictures: HT, Asianage