Speeding BMW hits police inspector on CCTV; Car seized

A speeding BMW sedan rammed a police officer in Hyderabad. The incident happened at night when inspector Jahangir Yadav got down from his car and started walking to disperse the crowd.

The incident was recorded on CCTV. It shows the unsuspecting inspector walking in the middle of the road. The BMW enters the frame and does not slow down until the last minute. The video footage shows the car hitting the inspector from behind sending the police personnel on the top of the bonnet of the BMW.

The inspector is out of danger. Also, there are no serious injuries to the policeman and he got up after getting hit. The driver of the is identified as Mir Osman Ali Khan. He is a used car dealer and said that he did not notice the cop walking on the street. It can be a possibility as the footage shows that it is a dark stretch of road.

The police have registered a case against the driver. The driver is booked under section 337 of the Indian Penal Code. The vehicle was seized by the cops on the spot.

The CCTV footage shows that the police started walking in the middle of the road without looking at what is coming from behind. We feel that even the cop was at fault in this situation.

Many people do it intentionally

The CCTV footage shows that there were no check posts by the police and they were not stopping the vehicles for any kind of document verification. However, there are many incidents where the car drivers intentionally hit the cops and carry them on the bonnets to avoid getting a challan.

A driver – Yuvraj Hanuvate was not wearing a mask properly and was waved down by a police officer. However, instead of stopping, the driver of the car did not stop and went past the police officer. When the cop saw that the driver is trying to escape, he became vigilant. As soon as the car driver slowed down due to traffic, the police ran and stood in front of the vehicle but Hanuvate, the driver of the car kept on driving. He suddenly pushed the accelerator of the car causing the traffic in-charge to fall on the bonnet. Such incidents happen quite often.

Stop when the cops ask to

Speeding BMW hits police inspector on CCTV; Car seized

In the present time, almost all the police teams are equipped with wireless units that can be used to ensure that such vehicles can be stopped by the cops deployed ahead. Running away from the cops certainly means that you have done something wrong. Even the government is taking steps to streamline the process of issuing fines and challans. Most police officers simply click a picture of the violation and send the challan online. It is a much bigger crime to run away from police officers when asked to stop for any reason.

If you feel that you have been issued a fine wrongly, you can always contest that in court or by complaining to senior police officers. Yes, that’s a long process but it is the legal way of doing things in India.