Speeding bus crashes into Mahindra XUV300: SUV driver’s presence of mind and luck prevents pile-up [Video]

A recent video from Kerala shows a horrific crash of a bus and a Mahindra XUV300 waiting at a signal. The video shows a Mahindra XUV300 waiting for a traffic signal when an out-of-control bus hits the rear of the SUV. The impact causes the Mahindra XUV300 to go on the opposite side of the road. Here is how he saved the car from crashing further into other vehicles.

The video was taken at a junction by CCTV cameras. It shows the Mahindra XUV300 waiting at the signal when the bus came in at a high-speed and crashed into the rear of the car. The XUV300 was pushed forward towards the opposite lane where more vehicles were waiting for the traffic signal to turn green.

The video shows that the XUV300 driver showed his presence of mind and navigated his SUV to avoid colliding with other cars. He even took a turn and came to a complete stop without hitting anyone. The out-of-control bus also slowed down and came to a complete stop after hitting the car. It is quite possible that the bus was aquaplaning and that is how it lost control. It is also possible that the brakes of the bus faded away, which did not allow the bus driver to slow down the bus. Or simply, it could be that the driver was not paying attention to the road.

Pictures of the car and the bus show some damage to both vehicles. However, there were no reported injuries in this accident and everyone came out safe. The owner of the car came on the camera and said that he spotted the bus beforehand in the rear view mirrors. He tried to get away from the spot but could not do it. When the bus hit the car, he blanked out but soon saw that the car is going to hit the divider so he gained control of the car back and steered it to safety. He also mentions the importance of wearing seat belts.

What you can do in such situations?

While it may not be possible to completely prevent such accidents, there are measures you can take to increase your vigilance and minimize the risk. When waiting at traffic signals or toll gates, it is advisable to choose the lanes on the left-hand side, as heavy vehicles often prefer the lanes towards the right.

Apart from wearing seatbelts and selecting a safe vehicle, there are limited actions you can take in such situations. However, you can ensure that you avoid braking too harshly when stopping at traffic signals or tolls. Applying light pressure on the brakes means that if your vehicle is rear-ended, it will move forward and absorb the impact better. It is important to note that this technique can be risky if there is another vehicle in front of yours, as it could get caught between the two vehicles.

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