Speeding bus T-bones Volkswagen Polo: All 3 passengers of the Polo walk out [Video]

Reckless driving is a significant problem in India, with numerous cases where such behavior on the road has caused accidents and even claimed lives. It is not limited to car drivers or bikers; even drivers of heavy vehicles like buses and trucks have been observed driving carelessly in the past. Several videos of such incidents are available online. One such video shows three occupants in a Volkswagen Polo miraculously escaping an accident after a bus crashed head-on into the side of their car.

The video was shared by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel and later by one of his subscribers, who mentioned in an email that the car involved in the accident belonged to a colleague of theirs. The accident occurred on June 26, 2023, in Haryana’s Pahalwas region in Rewari district. According to the video, a speeding Haryana Roadways bus collided with the side of the car while three occupants were inside. The impact caused the Volkswagen Polo to topple, and the front portion of the bus was lifted into the air, with its bumper resting on the Polo.

Despite the severity of the accident, all three occupants of the car walked away with only minor injuries, which highlights the sturdiness of the Volkswagen Polo. Although the A pillar and the car doors were damaged, they managed to keep the occupants safe. The person who shared the video also mentioned that one of the passengers even went back inside the car to retrieve their belongings after the accident. It is not clear whether the bus that crashed into the Volkswagen Polo had any passengers in it.

Speeding bus T-bones Volkswagen Polo: All 3 passengers of the Polo walk out [Video]
Bus t-bones Vw Polo

The video does not provide the exact reason for the accident. It is unclear whether the bus driver lost control of the vehicle and rammed into the Polo or was unable to apply brakes on time due to some reason. The pictures suggest that the roads were wet, indicating possible rain in the region. The condition of the bus’s tires could have also played a crucial role in this situation. Speeding might be thrilling, but it is advisable to do it on closed tracks or private roads. Rash driving on Indian roads can lead to accidents, as seen in this case.

If you ever find yourself driving behind a heavy vehicle like a truck or bus, it is always a good idea to maintain some distance. If you plan to overtake, ensure that the road ahead is clear, and make sure that the bus driver has seen your vehicle. Overtaking from the left-hand side should be avoided. Drivers of heavy vehicles like buses should be more careful, as their responsibility extends not only to their own lives but also to the lives of the passengers on board. Driving recklessly puts their lives at risk too. Build quality of the Volkswagen Polo was probably one of the reason why all three occupants could actually walk away from this accident without any serious injuries.