Speeding car on wrong side hits cop & flees: Manhunt launched

In a horrific incident in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, a speeding hatchback almost hit traffic police. The incident was captured on CCTV cameras and the footage has become viral. It happened at the Retghat three-way intersection on Sunday early morning.

The CCTV footage shows traffic police handling the traffic at the junction. Initially, the video shows that everything is normal and the cop is moving around the road to manage the traffic. While he was doing it from a safe distance, we can see in the video that he moves away from the centre of the road. We are not sure why he did that because there are no cameras in that region.

When the traffic personnel spotted the car coming at a high speed in the wrong direction, he rushed to the lane so that he can spot the vehicle. However, the car driver dodged him and raced away. The police personnel was hit by the car but luckily, he was not injured. The cops got up from the spot and tried to look for help.

As soon as he sees an open Jeep coming from the side, he waves the jeep to stop and asks the driver of the jeep to follow the hatchback. We are not sure what happened after that. Even Madhya Pradesh Police is yet to say on the matter. The police have said that they are working on the case and are tracking the vehicle.

FIR Lodged

Speeding car on wrong side hits cop & flees: Manhunt launched

The police have registered a first incident report (FIR) against the unknown driver. The police have also started searching the vehicle in different areas and are trying to trace the vehicle by scanning the CCTV of the area and the surrounding region. However, the cops are yet to track down the car.

Such incidents are quickly becoming very common and there have been many instances where the cops have been dragged for a few kilometres hanging to the bonnet of different cars. While the culprits have been booked in the past, we are not sure if anyone has got harsh punishment for doing such things.

Authorities ask cops to stay safe

With the number of such incidents rising in the recent past, the government had requested the police personnel to not take any extreme action and put their lives at risk. That is why the digital challans were introduced to keep the police officers safe. Digital challans allow the cops to simply click a picture and use the details from the registration number to directly send the challan to the registered address of the car owner.

Cops of many states have started wearing bodycams to record any mishappening too. With the strict actions from the authorities and law, such incidents can be controlled in the future. Hitting a policeman or any law enforcers is an extremely serious crime and one can be put behind the bars for years.