Speeding container truck crashes into the rear of MG Hector: All passengers safe [video]

In the past, we have come across several accident stories and videos involving heavy vehicles like trucks or buses. There are cases where people lose their lives, and there are also instances where people simply walk away with minor injuries. Due to the rise in the number of accidents on the road, people have now started considering the build quality of a vehicle before buying it. Here, we have one such video where the occupants of an MG Hector escaped from an accident in which their car was rear-ended by a speeding container truck.

The video has been uploaded by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel. The video was shared with him by the owner of the MG Hector, who was actually surprised by the overall build quality of the vehicle. The video does not show how the accident actually happened. Instead, in this video, the owner shared footage that he recorded when the car reached the service center after the accident. The video shows how the MG Hector performed in the accident.

The rear of the SUV has been completely damaged. The video clearly shows that the tailgate, tail lamps, chrome applique, rear windshield, and bumper were all damaged. The video does not explain how the accident happened exactly, but it mentions that the speeding truck had rammed into the rear of the MG Hector. The container truck is also shown in the video. It appears that the accident happened somewhere in Delhi NCR. Other than the rear bumper and other panels, the rear fenders also absorbed the impact. Surprisingly, the MG Hector managed to perform very well. Apart from the rear fender, bumper, and tailgate, everything else in the car looks fine.

Speeding container truck crashes into the rear of MG Hector: All passengers safe
MG Hector & truck accident

In fact, the rear doors look aligned. The owner can be seen opening and closing the door without any problems. The rear seat and the driver’s cabin are all intact. In the video, the owner can be heard saying that he cannot believe it is his own car. It is actually an extremely sad sight for any car owner. The MG Hector has proved its build quality several times in the past. There are several accident videos on the internet where the MG Hector has saved the occupants. In this case, we are not sure how many passengers were in the car at the time of the accident. The shattered glass from the rear windshield is scattered all over the place, but apart from that, everything else looks good on the inside.

We have said it several times that people driving heavy vehicles like buses or trucks must be extremely careful on the road. These vehicles often come with speed governors to ensure that the drivers do not overspeed. Sadly, most of them bypass this system and overspeed at night. Driving a heavy vehicle requires expertise. In this case, we are still not sure who is at fault. If you want to overtake a heavy vehicle, always do it from the right side. It is also recommended to ensure that you can see the road ahead of you. After overtaking, do not apply brakes or slow down, as vehicles like trucks require more time to stop or slow down than a regular car.