This Video Shows Why Speeding is Extra Dangerous on Indian Roads

The statistics of accidents in India paint a very sad and gruesome picture of the safety of the Indian roads. Thousands of accidents turn out to be fatal every year making the Indian roads very dangerous. In fact, Indian roads are one of the most dangerous in the world. This helmet-mounted video camera footage shows the exact reason that makes the Indian roads so dangerous.

Indian roads are dangerous

India has one of the largest road networks in the world, and some of the roads are very well maintained and highly sophisticated. It is the improper usage of the roads that make them highly unsafe. This video is submitted by Bishal Sharma from Meghalaya and shows his friend Duncan Sharma riding a Hyosung GV650 at very high speeds. The video is taken from the helmet-mounted camera, and that clearly shows the motorcycle touching the speed of 145 km/h on relatively empty roads on the city.

Duncan can be seen riding on the right-most side of the road and taking curves at blazing speed. At such high speed, it is difficult to estimate the speed of vehicles ahead, and it takes immense concentration to ride safely on the road. On a straight section, a goat suddenly emerges from the divider side of the road and starts running across. The rider saw the livestock just in time and avoided it at the last minute, or it would have been a big disaster. The rider can be seen following a fellow rider on the bike on the streets at high speed.

This Video Shows Why Speeding is Extra Dangerous on Indian Roads

While such high-speed videos can make for a seat grabbing experience but only if done in a properly controlled area like a race track, on public roads, especially in India, going for high-speed runs can cause a lot of trouble and massive accidents.

Not only stray animals but many jaywalkers have been caught in the past in such videos. Riding or driving at such high-speeds gives a very less reaction time, which can cause accidents. Riding at slower speeds allows the riders and drivers more time to avoid the collision course and even brake in time. Vehicles at higher speeds take much more time and distance to stop.

It is important to always maintain the speed limit on the Indian roads to be safe. Even when the roads are empty, stray animals or cattle have unrestricted access to most of the roads, and they are highly unpredictable. Whenever any animal or cattle is spotted on the roads, the safest way is to reduce the speed. Many times the animals change their mind at the last moment and can change the direction of their way.

Also, it is important to slow down when riding through populated areas on the highways. Most Indian highways cross through major cities, and that’s where most of such incidents can happen. The cattle and livestock of the locals and villagers can come to the highway and hit the vehicles. Also, this shows the importance of dashboard cameras and video cameras in India.