Speeding dumper truck crashes into 9 vehicles at a Mumbai toll plaza [Video]

An over speeding dumper truck hits nine vehicles at Vashi toll plaza earlier this week. The dumper truck that caused accidents was coming from Mumbai and was going towards Navi Mumbai. The truck hit nine vehicles including Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) bus and a motorcycle. Three people have been critically injured in the accident were admitted to hospital.

The video of the accident has surfaced online and that gives a clear idea on how the accident happened. The accident happened on Sunday at around 3:15 pm. As seen in the video, the truck was overspeeding and it was carrying heavy load of construction debris. As the dumper reached the toll plaza, it looks like the driver lost control and could not stop on time. skid marks of the truck can be seen in the video. The truck hits the MSRTC bus from the rear and immediately turn to the next lane where people where waiting for there turn on the toll plaza.

 The dumper hits several cars and commercial vehicles that came in front of it. A biker and pillion unfortunatley got stuck in front of the dumper and were dragged with it till it stopped after hitting a metal sheet board. The biker and the pillion have sustained critical injuries and were rushed to Vashi Civic hospital. A four-wheeler driver was also injured in the accident. After the accident, the Vashi Creek bridge saw a huge traffic jam. Many vehicles were stuck at the spot for at least 2 hours. After the accident, the Vashi police detained one man from the dumper. The driver of the dumper trucl fled the spot after the accident and the man who is held by the cops is the cleaner.

Speeding dumper truck crashes into 9 vehicles at a Mumbai toll plaza [Video]

Talking to Hindustan Times, Ramesh Chavan, senior police inspector, at Vashi police station said, “We have detained the cleaner of the dumper while the driver has managed to flee away. We are questioning if the driver lost balance or if there was a technical glitch. The dumper was at high speed. We have seized the truck. We will check the CCTV footage of the stretch, which will help us in the investigation. As of now, a case of an accident is reported.”

The traffic officials who reached the spot immediately after the accident said that the biker and the pillion were stuck between the dumper and another vehicle. They were rescued by fire officials and traffic officers. Both of them were initially taken to Vashi Civic Hospital. As the rider and pillion had multiple injuries, they were shifted to Sion Hospital for furthur treatment.

This is not the first time, a heavy vehicle like a dumper truck has caused accident. In this case, police is yet to find out whether the driver was over speeding or did the truck face any mechanical problem due to which he could not stop on time. Heavy vehicles like trucks and buses are supposed to have a speed limiter or a speed governor but, most of the time, drivers over ride the system and rashly driven buses or trucks are commion sight on our highways specially at night. It is always a good idea to  maintain distance from such vehicle to avoid such incidents.

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