Speeding car hits kid without slowing down for Zebra crossing [Video]

Jaywalking is one of the most common things that one can spot on the Indian roads. Pedestrians haphazardly crossing the roads giving little regard to the cars is something that causes thousands of accidents on the Indian roads every year. However, unsafe habits like not slowing down before a zebra crossing are something that is hardwired in the Indian motorists too. Here is a cocktail of both, and the result is not pleasant.

The video is from Kerala, but the exact location of the incident is not known. The CCTV footage shows a relatively empty road in Kerala and a young girl waiting on the side of the way to cross it. However, the CCTV footage shows that she is concentrating on her right-hand side. There is an auto-rickshaw parked on the side of the road, which may have blocked the view to her left. The girl can be seen concentrating on the vehicles coming from her right, and as soon as she found an opening, she sprinted across the road to cross it.

A small hatchback coming from her left-hand side at high speed suddenly appears in the frame. The driver of the vehicle tried saving the girl but could not avoid hitting her. The girl was nudged by the car and fell a few metres away. The car driver can be seen parking the vehicle on the side of the road while the crowd rushes to attend to the girl. It is now known if the girl got seriously injured in the accident, but it is scary footage that shows how ignoring the traffic can lead to severe accidents on the roads.

Speeding car hits kid without slowing down for Zebra crossing [Video]

Is the car drive at fault?

Well, it is a law to slow down before a zebra crossing, and we can very well see in the video that the girl is standing near a marked crossing. However, it does not seem like the driver of the hatchback tried slowing down because he did not spot the girl who intended to cross the road. It is also possible that the view of the girl got blocked by the parked auto-rickshaw at the spot. However, we feel that the pedestrian and the car driver are equally at fault in this situation.

The young girl started sprinting across the road without checking for the vehicles on both the sides while the car driver did not slow down for the zebra crossing. This is why it is crucial to check for the traffic on both the hands of the road before crossing it. Also, it should be a habit of every motorist in India to slow down before a zebra crossing. We are sure that this road will soon get an illegal speed breaker, most likely an unmarked one that might become a reason for another accident.