Speeding, helmetless biker in a brutal crash after hitting a dog [Video]

Indian roads are highly unpredictable and the rising number of accidents on the roads is an indication of how dangerous our roads are. Even though all kinds of road users face the dangers on the road, it is the bikers who are the most vulnerable. Here is a video that shows how speeding on city roads can be extremely dangerous.

What happened here?

The video shows a divided city road which is possibly near a crowded market. The road is relatively empty and people are riding at moderate speeds on the road. A biker can be seen speeding down the road and hitting a street dog that suddenly tried to cross to the road.

The street dog can be seen resting beside the divider and suddenly moves to cross the road. The biker did not see it in time and hit the dog thereby losing the balance of the bike. The biker, who was not wearing a helmet at the time, hit his head against the concrete road divider. It is not known if the rider survived or not, but from the video, it looks quite brutal and must have left the rider with serious injuries that can even be fatal.

Riding through the city roads at high-speeds can be extremely challenging. City roads can throw up surprises like pedestrians, stray animals or stray cattle and it can be extremely challenging to tackle to a motorcycle or a car at high-speeds. It is imperative to follow the speed limits on the highways as well as the city roads. The speed limits are set as per the road conditions and one should keep them in mind strictly while riding or driving through any kind of road.

Speeding, helmetless biker in a brutal crash after hitting a dog [Video]

Also, the rider was not wearing any protective gear at the time of the accident. While it is quite impossible to wear all the riding gear at all times, a helmet, glove and riding boots are extremely important whenever one has to ride. It keeps the rider safe from any such mishaps on the road. Maintaining the speed limit on the roads and wearing the protective gear whenever one is riding are extremely crucial to ensure safety.


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