Speeding Honda City t-bones Mahindra Bolero: VIDEO

Honda City crashes into Mahindra Bolero

India is a country where reckless driving is one of the leading causes of accidents. However, government official vehicles are rarely involved in accidents due to this reason. Recently, a road accident involving a government official’s Mahindra Bolero and an overspeeding Honda City caught attention, caused by the latter’s carelessness.

A YouTube video by Prateek Singh highlights the accident between a Mahindra Bolero and a Honda City in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The CCTV footage shows the Mahindra Bolero trying to enter a government office’s premises, and a speeding Honda City colliding with the Bolero’s side profile as it takes a turn.

The impact of the accident was so high that the Bolero was shoved into the gate of the office premises. The person driving the Honda City was overspeeding and lost control, hitting the Bolero’s doors. The Mahindra Bolero is severely damaged from both sides, while the front profile of the Honda City is also badly damaged.

Speeding Honda City t-bones Mahindra Bolero: VIDEO

The government officials in the Bolero sustained minor injuries, while the driver of the Honda City fled the accident spot after leaving his car there. The CCTV footage clearly shows that the accident could have been avoided if the Honda City was driving within the prescribed speed limits. It is unclear whether the driver was under the influence of alcohol, but it is a clear case of overspeeding where the City’s driver is at fault.

Speeding on Indian roads

Speeding can be thrilling if done in a controlled environment, like a race track. However, driving at high speeds on public roads, particularly in India, can lead to accidents and trouble.

Not only can stray animals, but also jaywalkers, be caught in such videos. Driving or riding at high speeds leaves little reaction time, which can result in accidents. Riding at slower speeds provides more time to avoid collisions and brake in time. Vehicles traveling at high speeds require much more time and distance to come to a stop.

It is crucial to always follow the speed limit on Indian roads for safety. Even when roads are empty, stray animals or cattle have unrestricted access to most of them, making them highly unpredictable. Whenever animals or cattle are spotted on the road, reducing speed is the safest option. Often, animals change their minds at the last moment and change direction.

Moreover, it’s necessary to slow down when passing through populated areas on highways. Most Indian highways cross major cities, where such incidents can occur frequently. Local cattle and livestock can come onto the highway and cause accidents. This emphasizes the importance of dashboard and video cameras in India.