Speeding train hits stuck bike on crossing and blows it to pieces: Caught on camera [Video]

India has one of the largest rail networks in the world. There are thousands of railroad crossings across the country and some of them are unmanned. This railway crossing from Etawah, Uttar Pradesh shows how a motorcycle rider escaped only by a few inches after his motorcycle got stuck on a crossing.

The video footage from CCTV shows a man trying to cross the railway crossing at the last minute. A train was already crossing the road so several people went there and stopped right next to the track and waited for the train to end. But another train started approaching the crossing. As soon as everyone noticed the other train, they started to move away quickly.

The man waiting on the bike also tried to get away from the track but he fell on the track. His motorcycle got stuck and the man started to drag the motorcycle to move it away from the track. But the motorcycle did not move as it got stuck to the track. The man also tried to pick up the motorcycle.

In the end, the footage shows that he abandoned the motorcycle and ran for his life. The speeding train hit the motorcycle at a high speed and tore it down to hundreds of flying pieces. We can surely say that the motorcycle is unrepairable now and the man will also have a tough time explaining the incident to the insurance company. It is illegal to cross the track when a train is approaching or crossing.

Losing patience

Losing patience on the road is one of the primary reasons for accidents. The video shows many trying to reach the other side of the track before the train arrives. There are bikers and pedestrians who are equally enthusiastic to cross the railway track and reach the opposite side. The video shows that the train takes exactly a few seconds to pass through the crossing. Only for a matter of a few seconds, the person put himself and many around him in danger.

The video shows how the parts from the motorcycle fly all around after the train hits it. Someone standing nearby could have been injured due to this. Also, a major mishap could have happened if the bike and the train made more direct contact with each other.

But sadly, many such incidents have happened in India. Many people die in India on railway crossings too. Most trains only take a few seconds to cross and at most, one needs to wait for a couple of minutes for the train to pass.

Shantonil Nag

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