Speeding truck rams into bike, car near Bangalore, 3 injured: Terrifying video emerges

Road accidents are a major problem in India due to the general lack of rule implementation. People are often seen disregarding traffic rules, but sometimes ignoring them can become fatal and lead to accidents. Recently, a horrifying video clip of a truck incident was shared on Twitter where a speeding truck crashed into a motorcycle, a car, a truck, and a bus.

The clip of this terrifying incident was shared on Twitter by Rakesh Prakash. It was mentioned in the tweet that the accident took place in Hosur, an industrial city located in the Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu. At the beginning of the video, everything seemed normal with the general traffic chaos of an average city. However, everything changed in just a few moments.

Halfway through the video, a moving bus crossed an intersection where a cement mixer truck was coming from one side, a Tata Indica from the rear side, and a person on a black motorcycle was crossing the intersection. Soon after, a speeding Mahindra truck came crashing down the road.

Speeding truck rams into bike, car near Bangalore, 3 injured: Terrifying video emerges

Careful viewers noted that the speeding truck first hit the person on the black motorcycle and avoided the cement mixer truck. However, after crushing the motorcycle, it lost its balance and hit the divider in the middle of the road, becoming even more unstable. It then crashed into a parked truck, which prevented it from completely toppling on the road, but it then rear-ended the Silver Tata Indica.

In the crash, the Tata Indica was seen doing almost a 360-degree rotation on the road with its rear end getting completely mangled. The speeding truck eventually came to a stop by the rails on the divider of the road, destroying its entire front end. The truck also hit the bus from which the video was recorded before coming to a complete halt. The entire incident was captured by the camera installed in the bus.

From this video, we can note some important things about the general chaos of an average city in the country. First, almost every vehicle in the clip was breaking traffic rules. We observed that several motorcycle drivers were not wearing helmets and were crossing the roads from almost every direction. Furthermore, the entire accident could have been avoided if the bus was not speeding. As of yet, it is unknown if the brakes on the truck failed or not, but in general, speeding has always been a significant issue in the country.

Back in September of last year an over speeding dumper truck also crashed nine vehicles at a Vashi toll plaza near Mumbai. The dumper truck that caused accidents was coming from Mumbai and was going towards Navi Mumbai. The truck hit nine vehicles including Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) bus and a motorcycle. Three people were critically injured in the accident were admitted to hospital. It was noted from the crash video that the truck was over speeding and as it reached the toll plaza, it looked like the driver lost control and could not stop on time. It then hit an MSRTC bus from the rear and immediately turned to the next lane where people where waiting for there turn on the toll plaza.