Spending a night in Tata Harrier: How it is done

Overlanding is not quite popular in India. However, there are a few enthusiasts who are trying to be self-sustained, self-reliant during long-distance trips. Here is one video that shows how to sleep inside a Tata Harrier comfortably. This might be useful during your next Overlanding trip.

The video by Tech Travel Eat by Sujith Bhakthan shows how he slept inside his Tata Harrier for the night. It seems to be an experiment to check if he can do it when he travels somewhere alone. To turn the Tata Harrier into a flatbed, Sujith cleared the vehicle of all the luggage first.

He started by taking out all the items kept in the boot and keeping them inside the home. Only a single briefcase was left inside the vehicle that he kept to support the seat. To make a flatbed inside the Tata Harrier, he folded down the seats completely.

This is the top-end variant of the Tata Harrier that offers 60:40 split rear seats. He tumbled down both the seats. There are foam rolls in the top box carrier so he took them out and also got out the blanket and a bedsheet. After setting up, it sure looks like a good amount of space for two. Since the seats are split, he showed that if only one person is sleeping with luggage, that can be made possible too.

He slept the night in the vehicle and talked about keeping the car on, which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Well, carbon monoxide poisoning is real and it can kill you silently but it can only happen if the vehicle is turned on in a closed space where there is no movement of air. For example a garage or a basement.

Sleeping in a car

Spending a night in Tata Harrier: How it is done

Sleeping in a car is a great idea for travellers on a budget. Also, it allows you to be flexible with your plan and you can just park the vehicle at a safe spot and sleep in it. However, there are a few things that you need to take care of while sleeping in a vehicle.

Always scout the spot first. If you’re sleeping in a secluded area, it is always better to check the surroundings first. Also, keep your windows closed or just keep them crack open for the passage of air. You never know which animal may find you interesting when you’re sleeping in the vehicle. Also, ensure that you lock the vehicle from inside to keep safe from thieves.

Keeping the vehicle on overnight is not a bad idea but then you will need to close the windows and keep the climate control on. Else, you have all the chances of inhaling the harmful and toxic gases. Keep your vehicle at a levelling ground so that you can be comfortable inside the vehicle.

It is always a good idea to explore your options when it comes to location. If you’re in the middle of the highway and want to sleep inside the car, parking it near a fuel pump or parking of a restaurant after taking their permission is a great idea. It is much safer too.