[Sponsored] Hyundai Exter: Five things that no one tells you!

The SUV craze is currently at an all-time high, and the Hyundai Exter has taken off to a remarkable start, quickly establishing itself as the leader in the micro-SUV segment. While the standout design and proven petrol powertrain are key attributes of the Hyundai Exter, it also boasts several additional unique selling points (USPs) that set it apart from other micro-SUVs in the market. Here are the features that give the Hyundai Exter a competitive edge:

First-in-segment six airbags standard

[Sponsored] Hyundai Exter: Five things that no one tells you!

Placing safety as a top priority, the Hyundai Exter comes equipped with side and curtain airbags as standard across all its variants, in addition to the mandatory dual front airbags. This means that every variant of the Hyundai Exter, from the base EX model to the top SX(O) Connect variant, includes six airbags as standard. This unique feature makes it the sole micro-SUV to offer such comprehensive airbag coverage, solidifying its position as one of the safest compact cars in the country today.

55-litre CNG tank

[Sponsored] Hyundai Exter: Five things that no one tells you!

The Hyundai Exter introduces CNG variants to the micro-SUV segment in India, complete with factory-fitted CNG kits. The Exter’s 55-litre CNG tank, located within the boot compartment, is the largest among CNG-powered micro-SUVs. With this sizable CNG tank, the Hyundai Exter claims to deliver the best-in-class full tank range among the currently available CNG cars.

Ten regional languages

[Sponsored] Hyundai Exter: Five things that no one tells you!

Alongside its full-TFT layout, the Hyundai Exter’s instrument console can be configured to display data in any of the ten regional languages, in addition to two global languages. This versatility allows the Hyundai Exter to cater to a diverse range of car buyers across India’s states, reflecting the country’s rich cultural and linguistic diversity.

First-in-segment rear AC vents

[Sponsored] Hyundai Exter: Five things that no one tells you!

In a tropical country like India, the presence of rear AC vents is of paramount importance. Within the relatively new micro-SUV category, the Hyundai Exter stands out as the pioneer by offering rear AC vents, enhancing the comfort of rear-seat passengers. It is the sole micro-SUV in India to feature rear AC vents, elevating its comfort level to that of more expensive premium hatchbacks and compact SUVs.

First-in-segment hill start assist control

[Sponsored] Hyundai Exter: Five things that no one tells you!

The Hyundai Exter proudly claims the title of the first micro-SUV in the country to incorporate hill start assist control as a standard safety feature, starting from the EX(O) variant. This feature enhances the Exter’s drivability on hilly roads with steep inclines, providing assurance that the vehicle won’t slip or lose traction in such conditions.

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